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North Korean Restaurant in Hanoi

North Korean have a very unique restaurant style, they are normally a restaurant opened by their own country, and the staffs and the manager of the restaurant are being paid by they country to work and manage the overseas restaurant. In most of country, normally they’ll have one […]

Propaganda – Ho Chi Minh City

After writing a few post of Thailand’s travel and food, I’m back with Vietnam’s culinary. LOLZ~! So the place I’d like to introduce in today’s posting can be considered as one of the most hip restaurant in Ho Chi Minh. Not only they are popular with the locals, […]

Akira Back

If you love to eat some pricey good food in a nice atmosphere restaurant, then you might have heard this restaurant a lot, it has set foot in several major cities all around the world. I tried their AB Steak restaurant in Jakarta before, which I must said […]

Old Hanoi Restaurant

Unlike Hoan Kiem District, Ba Dinh District has less unique restaurant and alleys with foods. After spending all morning around Ba Dinh District visiting museums and parks around the area, I find this restaurant through google and decided to try it out. It’s a 5 minutes walk away […]

Places to Visit in Hanoi

If you’re a first time traveler in Hanoi, then this post might be able to help you a bit in making your itinerary for your visit to this city which perfectly blends traditionalism and modernism. You’ll be able to find old buildings and architectures, while enjoying the modernized […]