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Propaganda – Ho Chi Minh City

After writing a few post of Thailand’s travel and food, I’m back with Vietnam’s culinary. LOLZ~! So the place I’d like to introduce in today’s posting can be considered as one of the most hip restaurant in Ho Chi Minh. Not only they are popular with the locals, […]

[Michelin Review] O Cha Rot

Aside from Singapore, noticed that Thailand is another South East Asia country which has earned quite a lot some of Michelin’s Stars, Bib or Plate. Being an avid food lover myself, I always love to try the restaurants which has been featured in the Michelin guide whenever I […]

A Noodle Story

If you have been following me through my previous blogs, then you’ll know that what I love the most in this universe is having good food. During my last short stay in Singapore, I’ve been trying several food here and there, and happen to try out a noodle […]