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Raan Jay Fai

Important Notes : Due to some accident, Sister Mole (the chef) hurt her hands and have to undergo surgery, so this place is closed indefinitely. If you want to try Raan Jay Fai restaurant, make sure you check on their Instagram first whether they have operate normally back […]

Left My Heart in Bangkok

Out of the South East Asia countries I’ve went to, with no doubt I can say that I love Bangkok the most. The only country in South East Asia (or maybe in the world?) that has not received any colonialism up to today is really a great place […]

Another New Year is Coming~

I still remember how I used to get so excited when December is coming. It’s my birthday month, and it’s Christmas holiday, and it’s my school midterm holiday, and it means another New Year’s eve celebration is coming. December literally is my favorite month of the year, because […]

Heritage Apartments : Your Home Away Home

Accidentally found this so-called Heritage Apartments when I was having a spontaneous travel down to Singapore, and while browsing through a certain hotel reservation application, I found this place with a clean vibe image, the reviews from few of the other write the place is “super clean” and […]

Reliving Yi Sun Sin’s Past

Yi Sun Sin or Lee Soon Shin (whatever the spelling is), was the best naval commander Korean ever had in the history. He can be considered as one of the best naval commanders in the world, as he never been defeated in a sea combat, nor he ever […]