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Propaganda – Ho Chi Minh City

After writing a few post of Thailand’s travel and food, I’m back with Vietnam’s culinary. LOLZ~! So the place I’d like to introduce in today’s posting can be considered as one of the most hip restaurant in Ho Chi Minh. Not only they are popular with the locals, […]

Cuc Gach Quan

I really love to try traditional-homey restaurant when I’m visiting a place. After going around Ho Chi Minh and try out some of their traditional food and eating place, up til now, I think there’s nothing can beat this restaurant, which not only serving traditional food, but also […]

A Day in Ho Chi Minh

Unlike Hanoi, which leaves me with quite a lot of impression, Ho Chi Minh or Saigon didn’t leave me that much of impression. To me, it’s just another developing big city. But it doesn’t mean that the trip to Ho Chi Minh is bad or anything. Though I’d […]