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  • Left My Heart in Bangkok

    Out of the South East Asia countries I’ve went to, with no doubt I can say that I love Bangkok the most. The only country in South East Asia (or maybe in the world?) that has not received any colonialism… Read More ›

  • [Movie] Take Point

    Before I started, I would like to warn you that my posting might have some spoilers, so if you are planning to watch the movie or if you don’t like to being spoiled, stop reading right now and check my… Read More ›

  • Another New Year is Coming~

    I still remember how I used to get so excited when December is coming. It’s my birthday month, and it’s Christmas holiday, and it’s my school midterm holiday, and it means another New Year’s eve celebration is coming. December literally… Read More ›

  • [Michelin Review] O Cha Rot

    Aside from Singapore, noticed that Thailand is another South East Asia country which has earned quite a lot some of Michelin’s Stars, Bib or Plate. Being an avid food lover myself, I always love to try the restaurants which has… Read More ›

  • My Newest Favorites

    Aside from eating and traveling, my other hobbies would be shopping. I’m not that into shirts or dresses or clothes, but I’m a big fan of shoes. LOLZ! I can hold back myself not to overspend on anything except shoes!… Read More ›

  • A Day in Ho Chi Minh

    Unlike Hanoi, which leaves me with quite a lot of impression, Ho Chi Minh or Saigon didn’t leave me that much of impression. To me, it’s just another developing big city. But it doesn’t mean that the trip to Ho… Read More ›