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  • Best Pizza in Vietnam… or maybe in South East Asia~

    If you asked which food give me the deepest impression during my visits to Vietnam, I’ll say pizza. And I bet you, whoever reading this post now, will freeze for a moment and thought you just misread my sentence. Nope,… Read More ›

  • Nai Ek Rolled Noodles

    Speaking about Bangkok’s Chinatown area, almost everyone who has been there might agree with me that they sell a wide range of food, and most of them are really delicious and irresistible. Once you saw the food or snacks, it’ll… Read More ›

  • Polo Chicken Restaurant

    Living for quite sometime in South Korea, makes me have the opportunity to eat lots and lots of wonderful fried chicken. Yes, South Korea not only famous for its plastic surgery and cosmetics but once you’ve tried out Korean Fried… Read More ›

  • What you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Vietnam~!

    Speaking of Vietnam, what’s pop up in your head the first time you heard ‘Vietnam’? Buncha? Mekong River? Halong Bay? Here’s a few thing which I personally though you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Vietnam. 1. Pho 2000 This restaurant… Read More ›

  • K-Plastic Surgery Accidents

    Like I said, I’ve been in plastic surgery industry in South Korea for 5 years before I moved to another country to pursue my other careers. There might be some of success plastic surgery example walking around the upscale Gangnam… Read More ›

  • Cuc Gach Quan

    I really love to try traditional-homey restaurant when I’m visiting a place. After going around Ho Chi Minh and try out some of their traditional food and eating place, up til now, I think there’s nothing can beat this restaurant,… Read More ›