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  • Easy LCHF Recipe : Mini Pork Patty

    Another easy recipe to make~! I’ve been having grilled things straight for a few days, before deciding to change my menu a little bit, or else I’ll feel sick eating the same menu all over again. I was actually going… Read More ›

  • Late Night Craving like Locals in Bangkok

    If you’re tired of touristy restaurant and food in Bangkok, then maybe you want to try out this place and satisfy your late night cravings like locals. Saengchai Pochana is one of the local restaurant which is famous and open… Read More ›

  • Easy LCHF Recipe : Pork Egg Pizza

    So, during my LCHF diet, there’s this sudden urge where I miss eating pizza so much. But pizza might be one of the kind of foods which is being listed as ‘OFF-LIMITS’ while you’re on LCHF diet. In the end,… Read More ›

  • Eye Plastic Surgery

    So we are back to my simple plastic surgery guide for beginners. Eye surgery might be one of the most common thing to have in the so many list of plastic surgery procedures. And this surgery not only suitable for… Read More ›

  • Kelly Jie Seafood (Mellben Toa Payoh)

    Talking about seafood, my favorite would definitely be a “CRAB”. And when in Singapore, I would always take the chance to go eat Singapore Chili Crab (and the dessert would be go to Balestier area to grab a mouthful of… Read More ›

  • Avengers: End Game

    I know it’s a little bit late, but I just got the time and chance to finally watch one of my favorite movies the Avengers, which premiered on 24th April 2019, one week ago to be exact. Before I continue… Read More ›