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Travel to Gumi and Andong Part 3

After having a full set of meal and trying out some of the breads in Mammoth Bakery, I decided to visit Hahoe Village in Andong, which is quite popular among the locals. Andong Hahoe Village has been popular since the dynasty time for producing mask, especially their well-known […]

Travel to Andong and Gumi

Life in Seoul can be super hectic and complicated, as complicated as how Seungri’s case has been going on for weeks and another new negative nickname keep being added to his name, from pimp, liar, gambler, and many more. Since life in Seoul can be so complicated and […]

Manohra Cruise

Aside from eat a lot of food, strolling along the night markets and enjoying the beautiful temple, one of the long lists on what to do in Bangkok would be cruising along the Chao Praya River. And, so I decided to do so as well. Again, here come’s […]

Left My Heart in Bangkok

Out of the South East Asia countries I’ve went to, with no doubt I can say that I love Bangkok the most. The only country in South East Asia (or maybe in the world?) that has not received any colonialism up to today is really a great place […]