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No Way~! So Way~!

Stumbled upon this post from A Guy Called Bloke. Thought it may be interesting to answer the questions from the posts, so here we go : Worn my night time bed wear out to the shops So Way~! I always love to wear pjamas at home~ so when […]

Kyoko Fukada’s New Drama – Hajikoi

Just like how I adore Kim Tae Hee, I’ve always adored Kyoko Fukada, since the first time I show her short drama with Won Bin, titled ‘Friends’. Since then, I’ve always been following her drama and movie. And since last January, 15th January 2019 to be exact, another […]

Netflix Original: Kingdom

Another interesting Netflix original series has came up yesterday on 25th of January 2019, written by Kim Eun Hee, a writer who wrote one of my all time favorite Korean Drama, Signal. This time the she is back with a zombie stories with a Joseon period background, and […]