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I love to travel and eat!! I'm a freelance Korean English Chinese Bahasa Indonesia interpreter, who love to blog and write. I worked in a plastic surgery hospital in Korea for 5 years before pursuing my interpreting and writing jobs. My previous blog on plastic surgery (which has been permanently closed down T-T) has been published in a book.

  • Duong Restaurant

    I’m not a big fan of Vietnamese food, and all I know about vietnamese food all these years is their springroll and Pho, and that’s it. I managed to spend some time in Vietnam this year, traveling solo on my… Read More ›

  • A Noodle Story

    If you have been following me through my previous blogs, then you’ll know that what I love the most in this universe is having good food. During my last short stay in Singapore, I’ve been trying several food here and… Read More ›