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I love to travel and eat!! I'm a freelance Korean English Chinese Bahasa Indonesia interpreter, who love to blog and write. I worked in a plastic surgery hospital in Korea for 5 years before pursuing my interpreting and writing jobs. My previous blog on plastic surgery (which has been permanently closed down T-T) has been published in a book.

Marinated Raw Crab Korea

Marinated raw crab, or more well know as 간장게장 (ganjang gejang) can be said as one of the most favorite food for the locals. It even got the nickname of 밥도독 (read : bap do dok) which literally means “rice stealer” to express that this dish is so […]

K-Plastic Surgery Accidents

Like I said, I’ve been in plastic surgery industry in South Korea for 5 years before I moved to another country to pursue my other careers. There might be some of success plastic surgery example walking around the upscale Gangnam district, known as 강남미인 (Gangnam Miin) which literally […]

Cuc Gach Quan

I really love to try traditional-homey restaurant when I’m visiting a place. After going around Ho Chi Minh and try out some of their traditional food and eating place, up til now, I think there’s nothing can beat this restaurant, which not only serving traditional food, but also […]

Warabi Mochi

I’ve been into mochi for years. I really liked those soft and chewy texture of the mochi, and especially those sold in Japan, with various type of fillings inside the mochi. Until recently, I accidentally found out there’s this warabi mochi sold in Tsujiri and was completely fall […]

Left My Heart in Bangkok

Out of the South East Asia countries I’ve went to, with no doubt I can say that I love Bangkok the most. The only country in South East Asia (or maybe in the world?) that has not received any colonialism up to today is really a great place […]