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I love to travel and eat!! I'm a freelance Korean English Chinese Bahasa Indonesia interpreter, who love to blog and write. I worked in a plastic surgery hospital in Korea for 5 years before pursuing my interpreting and writing jobs. My previous blog on plastic surgery (which has been permanently closed down T-T) has been published in a book.

North Korean Restaurant in Hanoi

North Korean have a very unique restaurant style, they are normally a restaurant opened by their own country, and the staffs and the manager of the restaurant are being paid by they country to work and manage the overseas restaurant. In most of country, normally they’ll have one […]

Pa Yak Boat Noodles

When you visited Bangkok, one of the ‘must try’ food aside from Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong or Basil Chicken, would be Boat Noodles. It is said that the boat noodles has been served since 1942, and was originally served from boats which going back and through […]

Manohra Cruise

Aside from eat a lot of food, strolling along the night markets and enjoying the beautiful temple, one of the long lists on what to do in Bangkok would be cruising along the Chao Praya River. And, so I decided to do so as well. Again, here come’s […]