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I love to travel and eat!! I'm a freelance Korean English Chinese Bahasa Indonesia interpreter, who love to blog and write. I worked in a plastic surgery hospital in Korea for 5 years before pursuing my interpreting and writing jobs. My previous blog on plastic surgery (which has been permanently closed down T-T) has been published in a book.

Easy LCHF Recipe : Chicken Wing

Chicken has always been everyone favorite, at least it has been my all time favorites. It’s delicious and it’s easy to made. So if you got bored with all the pork bellies or pork jowls you’ve been eating the last few days for your LCHF diet, then switching […]

Chiang Mai – Eat is Life

Chiang Mai could be the very best number 1 city I’ve ever visited, since I’ve always liked a more quiet and laid back small town compare to the big metropolitan city like Bangkok, Singapore, or Seoul. And I really enjoyed how I was able to ride on a […]

Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice

When you heard about chicken rice, the first thing come into your mind might be ‘Hainan Chicken Rice’ and ‘Singapore Chicken Rice’, but the chicken rice stall which I’d like to introduce today on this post is the chicken rice stall in Bangkok. The stall’s name is written […]

Hong Kong Food List : Yes or No~?

During my last trip to Hong Kong, I tried quite some of their famous local eateries (My travel mostly is about food~!) which often being mentioned either in their local media, or overseas media. Since Hong Kong has been a god damn heaven for food lovers, and with […]