Movie and Drama July 2019

Okay, so since I’ve been busy with work, I got so little time to try out new foods and restaurants around. I felt so tired when I got home from work, and in the end I always end up eating some simple stuff I cooked at home, while watching movies and dramas inside my warm blanket. After the wonderfully made Doctor Prisoner, I just found that none of the other dramas that I’ve watched recently can make it up to that standard. But, some of it still quite interesting to watch, and the drama and movie which has been catching up my interest are:

1. It’s Your Turn to Kill

Your Turn to Kill
Source : Google

Or the Japanese title is あなたの番です (read: Anata No Ban Desu), starring Tomoyo Harada and Kei Tanaka, telling a story about a couple who just moved in to a apartment complex, where they jokingly write the name of the person they want to kill on the neighborhood meeting. Things turn south way, when the killing spree starts, and they tried to find the bad guy behind the murders. With the plot twist, and unique characters, it makes you keep guessing along the way who is the guy behind all these murders. Owh, don’t forget to watch their season 2 series as well, titled “Your Turn to Kill – Counterattack”.

2. Goodbye My Princess

Goodbye My Princess
Source : Google

Or the Chinese title is 东宫 (read: Dong Gong), literally means the East Palace, which is the palace where the crown prince will live and receiving trainings to become the next king. To cut their budget, they basically hire newbies to play the main characters, and unexpectedly become a real big hit. Chen Xing Xu, who plays the cunning heartless prince, are able to portray the character brilliantly, which makes you want to slap him on the face but can’t help to fall for his character at the same time. While, the pretty Peng Xiao Ran, successfully portrayed the main female character as someone who is naive and sweet. SPOILER AHEAD!! But if you hate bad ending stories, then you better don’t watch this one.

3. Love Better Than Immortality

Love Better Than Immortality
Source : Google

The Chinese title is 天雷一部之春花秋月 (read: Tian Lei Yi Bu Zhi Chun Hua Qiu Yue), just like Goodbye My Princess, this series is an adaption from a popular web novel. If Goodbye My Princess makes you feel heavy and depressed after watching it, this drama definitely gives you a complete vibe! You don’t have to use your brain to watch it, because the story line are so simple and easy to guess. You just need to sit back with a snack on your hands while enjoying every cute loving moment of the main characters. Yes, this simple series definitely can make you feel head over heels again and again. LOLZ~! Once in a while you need this kind of brainless series to refresh your feeling, no?

4. Spiderman Into The Spider Verse

Spider Man Into the Spider Verse
Source : Google

This movie was out last year, but I didn’t get a chance to watch it, until last week on Netflix. LOLZ! I was not a fan of spiderman, so don’t really put any hope on it when I started to watch the movie. BUT! Surprisingly this fast pace movies, pack with action and humor here and there, with a little plot twist was incredibly fun to watch. By the you finish watching it, you won’t even feel that 2 hour has just passed. Two thumbs up for this one, I wonder will they bring out another series of this spider man. =D

5. Watcher

Watcher Korean Drama
Source : Google

Has the same title with its Korean title, this drama tells a story about the corrupted police and those good polices who try to bring down the corrupted police members. Starring by some veteran actor and actress like Han Suk Kyu and Kim Hyun Joo (I love both of them~!), and also Seo Kang Joon, this drama has quite an interesting story line so far, makes you keep wondering every episodes of who’s the real bad guy, because the hint keep pointing to a different direction every episodes. But since the drama is still on going, I don’t know whether the drama will remain interesting until their last episode. But for the time being, it’s a worth watching one~!

6. The Terror Live

The Terror Live
Source : Google

This Korean movie is made in 2013, starring Ha Jung Woo, another favorite Korean Actor of mine whose movie mostly are interesting and fun to watch. Ha Jung Woo works in a radio station, and received a call from a bomb terrorist. The terrorist threatened to bomb other places if Ha Jung Woo didn’t comply to his request of getting the president of South Korea to make a live public apology on the radio. You’ll be able to feel the tension every minute of the movie and it is definitely a good one. The ending? Well, it depends on how you interpret the whole movie, so give it a try and tell me what you think~!

Any interesting movie or series you’ve watched this month and would like to share? Leave a comment below~!

by Guide Mi

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