Hiro Keki~! Best Pancake in Bangkok~

I’ve been falling in love with souffle pancake since I tried one of the best pancake in my life in Hong Kong. And whenever I see a pancake which looks kind of similar, I would always go and have a try on it. In Bangkok, I’ve tried several places which sells pancake, even the famous Gram Cafe and Pancake in Bangkok, but in my opinion, this one is one of the best pancake I’ve ever tried in Bangkok. I wasn’t expecting much at first since the famous Gram Cafe’s souffle pancake also fail to satisfied me, but to my surprise, it tastes great! Though it’s not 100% similar to what is being sold in ‘I Love You Dessert Bar’ in Hong Kong, I would say they have 50% similarity to those in Hong Kong (the highest similarity compare to other pancakes I’ve tried). So yes, I will definitely visit this place as often as I could.


The one I went to is the one located inside Central Plaza Rama 9, on the 5th floor. It is hard to miss this place due to the cute white polar bear logo hanging on the top of the counter. The place is yellowish with a bright light.

Hiro Keki Cafe
Hiro Keki Cafe

And since, I was super happy with the taste of the pancake, I notice there is one other branch located in Crystal Veranda while I was trying to search for another branch nearby my place. Both are quite far away, but since Rama 9 is slightly closer compare to Crystal Veranda, bet I have to visit this mall more often now. T-T


Since it’s located inside the mall, so their operating hours also follow the mall’s operating hour which opens daily at 10 AM and last order daily at 09:30 PM, since Thais can be very precise in cleaning up their kitchen and getting ready home, make sure you reach by 09 PM just to be safe. LOLZ!


Hiro Keki Cafe
Hiro Keki Menus

You’ll have to put your order in the counter first before you proceed to your seat, aside from their so-called fluffy pancake, they have others menu like Kakigori (Ice shaved) and sweet drinks with cute decorations. Tried their drinks too, but was not too fond of it, was kind of disappointed actually. It was too sweet for me. It looks cute and instagrammable, but problem it doesn’t have the taste. So I’ll just skip it and won’t even mention about it here.

So back to the fluffy pancake, I ordered Yuzu Marshmallow Fluffy Pancake and Hokkaido Creme Brulee Fluffy Pancake , got a number then go to my seat while wait patiently for the pancakes to come out. The pancakes take quite some time to get ready, so make sure you order everything on the first place. I wait for 20 – 30 minutes to get my pancake served when there’s not really much people in the cafe.

Hiro Keki Cafe
Yuzu Marshmallow Pancake

The first one to come out is the Yuzu Marshmallow Pancake, which looks really tasty by the way, and looks really sweet. LOLZ. When I took the first bite, I feel disappointed. Yes you read it right disappointed. It’s too sweet, don’t have the taste of marshmallow at all, and it only taste like yuzu topped by super sweet Chantilly cream without the marshmallow taste at all. So this one definitely a fail. And don’t mix it with the ice cream, it’ll only make the pancake taste worse.

Hiro Keki Cafe
Hokkaido Creme Brulee Pancake

And when the second pancake is coming, it looks less tastier, but looks more similar to the one I’ve had back in Hong Kong, so yeah, I regained my confidence to try on this one~! AND~! YES~! It has 50% similarity of the taste with what I’ve had in Hong Kong. The creme brulee cream on the top of it taste a little bit like cheese cream mixed with slight burnt caramel fragrance. And the strange thing is the fluffiness of the pancake is different from the Yuzu Marshmallow one, this one is definitely fluffier and melted almost immediately when it get inside your mouth.

I didn’t try the other pancake menu yet other than these two, but I’ll definitely go for another round Hokkaido Creme Brulee Pancake on my next visit~!

by GuideMi

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