Another Visit to Bangkok Chinatown~!

It’s been a while since my last visit to Chinatown in Bangkok. One of the reason is it takes quite sometime to commute from my place to Chinatown, and in addition to bad traffic, you’ll definitely experience some hell and basically will lose all the energy to have fun once you arrived. Since the traffic is not so bad the other night, I decided to go down and visit Chinatown again after a while~! The other reason I choose to visit Chinatown is after I watch Baek Jeong Won’s Street Food Fighter on the Thailand’s episode, I saw a plate of Ladna which looks unique yet seems so tasty at the same time.


The place which sells this unique Ladna is called Kruaporn Lamai. They don’t sell inside a house like typical Thai traditional restaurant, instead they sell it on the street. So no names or logo at all, but it won’t difficult to find since the staffs are all wearing the same uniform with “Kruaporn Lamai” written on the back of their shirt in English, so you won’t be able to miss it. The easiest way would be you tell the taxi to stop at Hotel Royal Bangkok Chinatown, from there you go to your right hand side when you get out from the lobby and you’ll see a slight smaller street called “Plaeng Nam Road”, go inside and you’ll see several smaller stalls and finally you’ll see a stalls which crowded with staffs wearing the Kruaporn Lamai uniform. Go to find the uncle who don’t wear uniform, and tell him the number of person that are going to sit down for a meal, and you’ll have to wait for a while before your turn is up. The uncle will ask you to order a meal first while you wait, and you have to do that, because even when you order before you get your seat, your meal will take a reallllyyyy longggg time to come out (from my personal experience).


Since Monday is Bangkok’s street cleaning day, remember that this food street stalls won’t open on Monday. They open from Tuesday to Sunday though, starting from 6 PM – 2 AM. So, you won’t need to worry about coming too late, since they open until very late. But since it’s a food street stall, sometime they just anyhow open and close as they want, so as long as you get in the middle of their operating hours, you should be fine.


Though the waiting time to get a seat won’t be too long, it took me less than 10 minutes to get a table, but the waiting time for your food to come out is really not a joke at all. So, after order my food, I found a small carriage along the street which sells my favorite coconut pudding (I don’t know what the name of it, but that’s how I call it).

Coconut Pudding at Chinatown Bangkok

Though it does not taste as good as the one I had in the Boat Noodle Restaurant around BTS Victory Monument, this one taste not bad too for a little snack time while waiting for the main dishes to come out. It cost me 30 THB for one box coconut pudding, which I think quite a fair price.

Krua Porn Lamai Ladna

When the main dishes came out, I was shocked at first because I ordered a Ladna, but what I got on my hot plate is a crispy fried egg. I was so shocked even I lost my camera’s focus. LOLZ. I was going to ask what was it before the next minute the staff came up with 3 big bowls of sauce (?) and pour it on the top of the fried egg.

Oh yeah, finally three portion of Ladna is being served. We ordered Squid Ladna, Seafood Ladna, and Mixed Ladna. It costs 70 THB per plate. The sauce tasted the same for every type of Ladna that I’ve ordered. The only difference are the type of meats you get inside the Ladna. I personally think that the Squid in the Squid Ladna taste just so-so, I will go for either the Seafood Ladna or Mixed Ladna for the next round.

Ladna Krua Porn Lamai
Mixed Ladna Krua Porn Lamai

The Seafood Ladna and Mixed Ladna looks quite the same, the only things that differentiate them is that you’ll find a few piece of chicken and pork sliced here and there inside the Mixed Ladna. So if you’re not a fan of Chicken or Pork, then you might want to go for the Seafood Ladna instead. And just like how Baek Jeong Won has introduced this place, the Ladna served is definitely different from any other ladna you’ll find in Bangkok. Inside a normal ladna, you’ll find an ordinary Kuetiau (a big thinly sliced flat noodles in Thailand), but in the ladna here you’ll find a crispy noddles with a fried egg with melted yolks, making it taste even yummier than the normal one.

It definitely worth your time to travel down here and take a bite~!

by Guide Mi

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