Featherstone Cafe in Ekkamai

After getting used to loud Bangkok, I started to miss coffee shops and quiet bistros which can easily being found in Jakarta. So, this time after having lunch with a bunch of friends, we decided to go for a second round in a cafe in Ekkamai area, which is said to sell a really delicious tiramisu. My delicious type of tiramisu is the home made tiramisu sold in De Luca, in the basement car park of Plaza Senayan. So, I was kind of curious and has that a little bit of hope that this one might be better than the one I’ve had back in Jakarta.


The place is kind of hard to reach by using public transportation. You have to walk for 15-20 minutes either from Ekkamai or Phra Khanong BTS station to reach the place. You can think of it as a slight work out before chomping sweets food, but if you’re the kind that hate exercise so much (just like me) and prefer to either take a grab bike or taxi to reach the place then you can find this place at 60 Soi Ekkamai 12 Khwaeng Klong Tan Nuea, District Wattana, Bangkok 10110.


This place operates daily starting from 10:30 AM up to 10:00 PM without any break times in the middle, so you’re welcome to visit anytime you’d like to. I went down here at around 03:00 PM after having my lunch at around Ekkamai Station. The place is quiet, there are people keep coming and going, but not crowded. The music is not loud and everyone speaks quietly, so it’s a real good place to hang out and having a friendly chit chat with your groupies.


I was told that not only the dessert and beverages taste good, but their main dishes (especially burger) taste delicious as well. But since I came here with a full belly, I only got enough place to try out their dessert and beverages this time, wish I could have another chance to come by for their heavy meal next time. =D

The place from the outside looks nice but it looks just like any other instagrammable cafe out there. But once you went inside the cafe, then you’ll really be amused by the interior and the atmosphere it gives out. The place is really quiet, neat and have those homey vibe, which makes you feel comfy to sit down and hang around while having your little drinks and chats with your friends.


The other thing that amused me is their beautiful and well made menu books. It’s not only the outside, but it really looks like you’re reading a story book when you look through the menu offered inside. I didn’t normally take a picture of the menu book when I visit a restaurant or cafe, but this one is really good that I click the camera button on my phone before I realized it.

Since one of their recommended dessert is tiramisu, we ordered 2 portion tiramisu to share among us and ordered a cup of ice coffee to soothe the heat down after walking outside in a hot weather (I wonder will there be a “not hot” weather in Bangkok?). The city even feels super hot after heavy rain.


Tada~! The ice coffee came out! Yes, even the beverages presentation is so cute. They put the coffee inside the separate bottle, where you can pour it into the glass of ice. And they prepare a choice of brown sugar and white sugar syrup for you to mix with the coffee. P.S. don’t pour a whole bottle of sugar into the glass, it will be too sweet!! Just pour it a little by little depends on your liking~!

Since I’m a big fan of brown sugar, I used the brown sugar instead of the white sugar. It smells nice and to my surprise the taste mixed really well with the black coffee they served in their store. And with a cup of ice to battle the hot weather, it is definitely the most perfect combination of drinks I’ve ever had. I’m a little bit hyperbolic here, the coffee might not taste that superb if only not for the hot weather outside, but still it’s drinkable and taste lovely.


Another one is my all time favorite cake, tiramisu. The texture is soft, I must say the texture is as good as the one I’ve had back in De Luca, Jakarta. The difference is that this one taste less sweet compare to the De Luca’s. When I really want to have sweet dessert with a hint of coffee, I might prefer the tiramisu I’ve had in De Luca, but if I prefer something less sweet with a strong hint of coffee, then the tiramisu in this place might be a better choice. So, in the end, it depends on which type of tiramisu you love. You know, each one of us have our own personalized type of taste that we like, so it might differ from one people to another.

For me, I still prefer De Luca’s tiramisu, but by far this one is the best one I’ve had in Bangkok. So, if I ever feel like having a good spoon of tiramisu, then I definitely will came back to this cafe again for another round. After having our dessert, we have a little talk for like almost 3 hours before we realized it’s already past 06:00 PM! Good thing is the staff didn’t even show us unfriendly face because we sit too long over two portions of dessert and 4 cups of coffee.


And then, by the end of your meal, while waiting for the cashier to get your bill done, they’ll give you this kinds of things where you can pick up the paper from a glass and see what you’ve got written on your paper draws, which is another lovely way to entertain the customer while waiting for the bill to come up.

Aside from the location which is a little bit hard to be reach by public transportation, I really like this cafe to the maximum, and definitely will be back soon~!

by GuideMi

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