Kelly Jie Seafood (Mellben Toa Payoh)

Talking about seafood, my favorite would definitely be a “CRAB”. And when in Singapore, I would always take the chance to go eat Singapore Chili Crab (and the dessert would be go to Balestier area to grab a mouthful of Musang King~!). YUMMY! But then, this time, I decided to try Kelly Jie’s Butter Cream Crab, which has been getting quite a positive review from some Korean Chefs. For you who don’t know yet (I also don’t know until I get to the restaurant), Mellben Seafood in Toa Payoh is the former name of Kelly Jie Seafood. Wondering why they changed their name, Mellben Seafood was famous too before. Anyone know the reason can let me know by leaving some answers in the comment section.


Located in Block 211, #01, Lor 8 Toa Payoh, 11/15, Singapore 310211. And, the nearest MRT station to the location would be Braddell Station (Red Line). Since the place is quite famous around the neighborhood, you can just anyone around for the direction, I bet everyone would know the right direction to go.


During weekdays, the place opens at 4 PM and taking their last order by 10.45 PM. Meanwhile during weekends, the place opens at 12 PM and taking their last order by 10.45 PM. Even so, when I went there during weekend, they take the last order at 09.30 and begin to wrapping up the stores at 10.15, which makes me eat up everything in a hurry. The boss and the staffs told me to take my time, but still when you’re the last table inside the restaurant, and the staffs turned off the light (except for your section), wiped the floor, and lifted everything on the table by 10.15, and everyone gathering around the counter looking at your direction with a friendliest smile, trust me, you won’t feel like eating anymore even when the food taste delicious. It really makes me losing my appetite. >.< So just in case you don’t want to experience the same thing with me, make sure you came early and take your time to eat the meal.


So, I ordered 2 menus which is recommended by most of the people, which are their Honey BBQ Pork Ribs and Butter Cream Crab. And, since I need a little bit of greens on my plate, I ordered a plate of stir fried vegetables with scallops (I forgot the menu’s name, but you can find it easily on the menu if you would want to try, since they got the pictures inside their menu, so just point on the picture and they’ll get you the right thing served).

The cooking time is quite efficient, since they serves everything except the Butter Cream Crab on you table within 10 minutes after they got your order, which is fast, considering they’re a seafood restaurant, which normally would take quite some time to get the food ready.

Stir Fried Vegetables and Scallops
Kelly Jie – Stir Fried Vegetables and Scallops

The portion doesn’t look too big, but when you start eating it, you’ll then feel like they actually giving you a quite decent amount of the food. The scallops is smaller compare to what I was expecting, and the pork floss really ruin the flavor of the stir fried vegetables. It’s just doesn’t mix well, the pork floss and scallop and the vegetable’s taste just don’t blend in. So in the end, I just finish up the scallop (since it’s the expensive part of the menu LOLZ), and the greens. I didn’t manage to finish up the pork floss. Maybe next time I’ll try out for something without pork floss in the menu.

Honey BBQ Pork Rib
Kelly Jie – Honey BBQ Pork Rib

Next up is their Honey BBQ Pork Rib. Frankly speaking, I put quite a high hope on this one, since this is one of the menu being recommended by the Korean chef, who always gives out good recommendation on food. But this time, it really disappoints me. Nothing really special on this one, since it tastes the same like those I can found in any of the Chinese Restaurant in Singapore and Indonesia. Maybe because they don’t have this kind of cooking (Honey BBQ Sauce cooking), so it taste quite refreshing and unique for the Korean chef. But for those who live in a country which already familiar with Honey BBQ Sauce, I really think that you will regret once you try this menu, since it’s just a common menu like what you can get almost everywhere around.

Butter Cream Crab
Kelly Jie – Butter Cream Crab

Last one served is the star of the day, which is Butter Cream Crab! (o.O”) I was actually kind of disappointed with the Honey BBQ Pork Rib, so I didn’t really expect too much on this one. But once the food is being served in front of you, and the smell of that buttery and creamy sauce is creeping inside to your nose, that’s when my hope is getting up high again. One thing for sure, buttery and creamy things never can go wrong (at least not for me ^o^).

And the next moment when you crack the shell and slurped out the crab eat from its shell, then you’d realized that you’ve just ordered the correct menu and you’ve just tasted the best crab in Singapore. The meat is thick, tender and juicy, with a slight buttery and creamy smell from the sauce. And when it goes inside your mouth, it just melted and the meat taste so sweet and fresh, yet the sauce makes the crab meat taste even sweeter and richer, which is superb! And with it, I decided that I would never go eat Singapore Chili Crab or Black Pepper Crab again when I’m in Singapore. Every time I feel like eating crab when I’m in Singapore, I’ll definitely came here for another round.

by GuideMi

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