Avengers: End Game

I know it’s a little bit late, but I just got the time and chance to finally watch one of my favorite movies the Avengers, which premiered on 24th April 2019, one week ago to be exact. Before I continue on with my posting, would like to remind everyone of you who is currently reading this, that it will contain lots of spoiler. So if you haven’t watched the movie and don’t want to know any spoiler, kindly check my other posting~ Otherwise, you’re welcome to continue with reading this posting.

The first view Avengers series are somewhat heroic, packed with funny jokes here and there. Meanwhile in the Avengers: End Game, it’s heroic, still have their humors, but it makes me feel a little depressed as I watched the movie (P.S. depressed in a good way, it’s just that some of the scene seems so gloomy for Marvel Movies Standard). You might have a little bit mixed feelings on the movie ending, but for me personally I think they wrapped up a pretty good ending, emotionally.

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Ironman, or to be exact Tony Stark, finally meets his demise in this movie. To put it simple, Tony Stark is dead, real dead. You can even see his funeral scene in the end part of the movies. It’s a really emotional moment for me, since for me it’s not just Tony Stark is dead, it’s basically like saying goodbye to my teen days iconic superhero character (I’m a little bit hyperbolic, I know, but I really cry like hell during the movie). Robert Downey Jr. has been playing the role of Tony Stark / Ironman since 2008, and ever since it has been my favorite character of Marvel Universe. I even collected every little thing I found related to Ironman, from computer mouse, T-shirt, Ironman’s helmet speaker, and blah blah blah. So basically not having Robert Downey Jr in the future Marvel movie series, seems weird. And having other actors playing Ironman (whether the actor is being revived as Tony Stark, or they make other characters to be the new Ironman) will feel even weirder for me. But when you think the surprise is done, here comes another surprise!

captain america
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On the mission to return the stones, Captain America came back as an old man, who chose to reliving his past with his beloved lady. And not only that, he even gives his shield to Falcon, when I thought he will be giving it to Bucky. LOLZ. Okay, so it might be hinting on that Chris Evans will be opted out in the future Marvel movies series, which is another big SAD for me, since I think Chris Evan as Captain America is another favorite character in the series, at least for me.

They also killed off Scarlett Johanson’s character in this series, which is another surprise~! Anyhow, even this movie is full with killing off my favorite actors and actress in the movie, it’s still a good movie though, with a well-made ending. Ironman got to sacrifice on one last mission, and Captain America got to fulfill his long wish dream, to live a normal life with his beloved ones.

Without these actors and actress appearing in the Marvel movie series, it might be a little bit sad for me. But I’m still one of the Marvel Universe’s biggest fan, and can’t wait for their next movies, whatever is coming out.

If you haven’t watched Avengers: Endgame, I would really recommended you to buy your movie ticket now and go watch it. It really worth the while. Even the movie is 187 minutes long, you won’t even notice when it finish.

Happy watching~!

by GuideMi

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