K-Drama : Doctor Prisoner

Rather than a lovey dovey Korean Drama, I’ve been an avid fan of their suspense, crime, thriller drama. After the amazing K-Drama “Signal”, this drama is the next drama which catch my eyes and have made me to fall in over and over again to the drama fandom. It’s a revenge story on a doctor, which might sound cliche, but it really not cliche at all once you start turn on and start to watch it. One thing about the characters in the drama is there’s no absolute white character in this drama, there’s only those stand on the gray side or those stand on the complete pitch off black area, which makes it more interesting to watch, since no one will be the goody shoes, and each one of them knows how to strike back when they’re being attacked.

I’ll introduce a little bit on the characters which keep coming out a lot in the drama~

Na Yi Je – Nam Goong Min

Doctor Prisoner 01
Source : google.com

The actor which I personally think that suits a dark character better than a goody character, he acted super brilliantly as a psychotic villain in K-Drama ‘Remember’. In this drama, his character started off as a super good character, which will last for 1 episode, before he turns into a darker character who plotted revenge over those villains in the drama. He still has his good side in him, but he realized that to take revenge to those bad guy, he would have to turn into a dark character himself, and therefore he transformed himself into one. He have the wits, brilliant mind, and super extra calm in whatever situations he is at, and therefore he can see clearly what his enemy is trying to do and do some counter attack to their surprise attack, which is really good to watch I must say.

Sun Min Sik – Kim Byung Chul

Doctor Prisoner 02
Source : google.com

His other drama ‘Sky Castle’ was a big hit in South Korea, and he came back in Doctor Prisoner. If you asked me one word to describe his character either in ‘Sky Castle’ or in ‘Doctor Prisoner’, both of the characters are downright annoying. Well, that’s two words! His face is super annoying (not that I’m attacking him physically), his voice is annoying, his action is annoying, even his little movement on his facial expression is downright annoying. So annoying that it makes you feel super exciting when you see his demise. But, well a good actor should be able to make you feel that way when he acted as a villain right? He’s the arch nemesis of Nam Goong Min’s character, and you’ll see a lot of wits battle between these all along the episodes (at least up to episode 20, note that this is a back to back episodes drama).

Lee Jae Joon – Choi Won Young

Doctor Prisoner 03
Source : google.com

Another villain in the drama (there are so many villains in this drama) which seems like having a really disturbed mind and mentally ill, but can be counted as one of the brightest character in the drama. Even until episode 20, still there’s no one knows what is up to his sleeve. He appeared quite a lot in the drama and seemed to switch crime partners real fast, so whoever brings the cookie for him, he’ll quickly change his side, or at least pretend to. Since, as the story goes, it becomes clearer that he only stands for himself alone.

Lee Siblings – Lee Da In & Park Eun Seok

Doctor Prisoner 04
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They’re siblings with Lee Jae Joon, but seems to be on the opposite side of him (maybe because they have different birth mother), but doesn’t mean that these siblings are good characters either. Lee Da In’s character, Lee Jae In, is a smart lady of the family which helps her mother in running the business on the legal side, and have to worry a lot on her troublesome elder brother, Lee Jae Hwan. Meanwhile Park Eun Seok’s character, Lee Jae Hwan, started off as a completely sick character which downright mean and spoiled, but as he spends the ordeal in the prison, and his character slowly developed into some other interesting character which is quite fun to watch.

Jung Eui Sik – Jang Hyun Sung

Doctor Prisoner 05
Source : viki.com

If you watch lots of Korean Drama, then you can see this Ahjussi’s work here and there. He came out as a prosecutor in this drama which seems to side no other people around him, until when he feel powerless and feels like he should join his other powerless team mate to be able to win in the struggle of power, then he join Na Yi Je to dispose of the bad guy. But they’re still on their way and not completely succeed yet. His character came out as a serious character at first before developed into a still serious character but with a little bit fun here and there (you’ll see what I mean when you watch the drama).

As for the main female character which is Han So Geum (acted by Kwon Nara) is the only character I feel unimpressed with in this drama, so I won’t mention her for too long here. Basically she’s not so bright, her heart to find her missing brother often clouded her decision and action, and she often become the reason where Na Yi Je almost fail his mission, not only once but quite a few times. So, yeah, I’m not impressed. But well, we all need a little drama like this so you can feel the tension throughout the episodes, right?

Anyway, the rating of this drama starts of at below 10% before it keeps going up and up with each episodes. The 19-20 episodes which aired this week reach 15,2% of rating, which is quite something I must say. Since this will be a 32 episodes drama, we still get 12 more episodes to go, and I really can’t wait how the story will end with all the twist and wit battle.

Happy watching~!

By GuideMi


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