Bangkok Food – Baan Pad Thai

One of the food that you can’t miss when you’re in Thailand is definitely their fried noodle or the so called ‘padthai’. Aside from the super famous Thip Samai Pad Thai, we also have another Michelin Bib Gourmand Pad Thai in Bangkok which is Baan Pad Thai. Located around Thip Volcanic Fried Oyster and Mussel which I’ve posted few weeks ago, Baan Pad Thai has a decent number of customers coming and going, though not to the extend where you have to queue up just to take a taste like in Thip Samai.


Located in 21-23 Soi Charoen Krung 44, the place is not really hard to find. The blue-ish decoration of their food stores are quite eye catching, since there’s not much stores located along this street, unlike those in the main street. Ah, and there’s also Jok Prince store (the famous porridge stall in Bangkok) around here as well, so if you’d like to taste everything at one time, you better check on every store’s operating time to make sure you won’t find any store closed during your visit.


This place opens everyday starting from 11AM to 10PM without any lunch break in the middle, but please note that their last order will be at around 09.30PM (during my last visit on January 2019), so make sure you come before 09.30PM so that you can still manage to make it for the last order time.


Since I visited this place a few times and tried their different menu in every visit, in my humble opinion, these are the recommended menu which you really should try for your visit.

Baan Pad Thai 01
Chrysanthemum Tea – Baan Pad Thai

First thing first, since the weather is always hot and the sun is always strong in Bangkok, every time I visited a restaurant or food stalls here, I’ll always start with ordering my favorite drink, which is the Ice Chrysanthemum Tea. Since I’ve always babbling about how refreshing their Chrysanthemum Tea is, this tea is definitely my choice in every opportunities I had here and there. And just like any other Chrysanthemum Tea in Thailand, this one also feels so refreshing and it cures your thirst completely.

Baan Pad Thai
Pork Skewers – Baan Pad Thai

Aside from the pork skewers, they also serve grilled chicken and beef, but personally the grilled pork is definitely the best among the three. Owh, don’t forget to check the middle part of the bowl, since they give you the spicy sour sauce to eat along with the skewers, though in my opinion, the grilled pork skewers taste good enough even without the sauce. But if you a more stimulating and richer taste, then you’ll probably would like to taste it together with the sauce.

Baan Pad Thai 03
Grilled Beef Pad Thai – Baan Pad Thai

If the grilled pork skewer taste better than their beef skewer, interestingly their grilled beef pad thai taste better than their grilled pork pad thai. Their grilled pork has a slightly sweet taste so when you eat it together with the already slightly sweet pad thai (their pad thai taste slightly sweeter but less sour compare to Thip Samai Pad Thai), it’ll be too sweet for you who don’t really enjoy sweet kind of food (I like cakes and sweets, but I definitely not a fan of a sweet meal for my lunch or dinner). While their grilled beef is slightly spicy, which mixed better with their pad thai compare to the grilled pork.

Baan Pad Thai 04
Crab Pad Thai – Baan Pad Thai

Last but not least is their Crab Pad Thai. You definitely have to try on this one~! They have a small and large size portion. The one in the picture is the small portion, but still the small portion is more than enough for me. So if you’re going to share for three person, I think ordering the large size portion and divided into three would be sufficient. But still, that if you have a normal appetite, if your appetite is larger than mine, then you might want to order one portion for each of you.

At first, when the Crab Pad Thai came out, I was slightly a little bit disappointed, since other than the crab shell, I didn’t notice any crab meat in the pad thai being served in front of me. But after mixing and stirring the pad thai a few times, I noticed that they’re a bunch of them put hidden under the pad thai, which I personally think the size of the crab meat given really worth the price of the pad thai.

Overall, compare to Thip Samai pad thai, each of the place has their own strength, which makes each one of them to stand out. Though me, myself, I slightly waver to Baan Pad Thai’s side, since I love how they manage to make their pad thai less sour compare to the standard pad thai. But, still, Thip Samai’s Omelette Pad Thai always makes me keep coming back to taste for more. Price wise, Thip Samai’s Pad Thai is slightly cheaper compare to Baan Pad Thai’s Crab Pad Thai, but remembering on how much they give out the crab meat on a portion of crab pad thai, I think the food worth the price.

So, if you’re hesitating on to whether going for Thip Samai or Baan Pad Thai’s pad thai, the easiest way to choose might be to choose on their recommended menu, wheter you prefer an omelette pad thai of Thip Samai or you prefer the crab pad thai of Baan Pad Thai.

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