Chiang Mai – Eat is Life

Chiang Mai could be the very best number 1 city I’ve ever visited, since I’ve always liked a more quiet and laid back small town compare to the big metropolitan city like Bangkok, Singapore, or Seoul. And I really enjoyed how I was able to ride on a bicycle around the town during the day and at night without having to worry about the road conditions, you still have to be careful, but since the road is not as crowded as big city, it makes you feel comfortable and convenient to ride around with a rental bicycle. And the other I like about Chiang Mai is they have a lot of hidden gems restaurant which sells good quality food with reasonable price.


The restaurant name is “Eat is Life”. At first I wondered to myself why would the name of the restaurant sounds that way, but once I arrived at the restaurant and see how the restaurant serve you delicious menu with lots of healthy vegetables buffet, then I come to a conclusion that this restaurant is offering a healthy eating concept with variations of tasty menus.

Located in Kantary Hills Terrace, 44/1 Nimmana Haeminda Road Lane 12, Chiang Mai. Since it is located on the side of the building and the place cannot be seen when you stand at the main entrance of the building, make sure you tried to look up for the restaurant door from the side of the building before giving up finding this place.


This place opens from Monday to Saturday from 5 PM to 12 AM, and it closes on Sunday. So remember to plan to come down to this place only during dinner time.


There’s actually a lot variations in the menu you can find, mostly are a western fusion Japanese food. The owner is a Westerner, and is super friendly. After he finishes cooking the orders, he will go from table to table to have a little conversation with the customers, starting from asking how the regular customers doing, or simply just asking how the food tastes to some new customers. You don’t have to wait in a queue to get a seat here, but this place is really full packed of people. People just come and go at the very right time. So during my eating time, there’s no vacant seat at all in the restaurant even when the people keeps come and go, which is fantastic I must say.

Eat is Life Chiang Mai
Japanese Beef Steak – Eat is Life

The first menu I ordered is the Japanese Beef Steak which comes not only with a lot of meat but also with a lot of grilled sauteed vegetables. And you can even have your vegetable salad on the right hand side of the cooking counter, so you can basically have a balance eating your meat and greens in this restaurant, which I must say a good thing. You won’t feel that guilty even when you eat tasty delicious food. LOLZ. I thought the beef steak would be more of a Western taste (sorry for being skeptical), but I must say that the chef did a very good job in giving this Japanese Beef Steak a really Japanese-like-taste. The meat is tender and you can feel the juice meat blends perfectly with the slight Japanese sauce aroma coming out from the meat, which I would give a ten thumbs up if I could.

Eat Is Life
Japanese Grilled Squid

Another thing which I would always ordered when I saw in a Japanese Cuisine menu would be their grilled squid. First, I love squid. Second, I love Japanese grill stuffs. So once I see this menu, it almost always a must to order one. When the portion come out you would think the portion looks kind of small compare to the beef steak menu, but with a perfect combination of the vegetables on the plate, it fits in just nice in my stomach. No longer hungry, but not too full, another concept of healthy eating. They also served it along with a mayonnaise dipping sauce, which I barely touch, since I think the squid seasoning is nice enough and it taste superb even without the mayonnaise dipping. But, if you’re a mayonnaise mania, you are welcome to try it out without the mayonnaise dipping always, since it’s create another harmonious taste which blends pretty well with the grilled squid I must say.

This is one of the restaurant which offering healthy eating concept, but still served decent (even wonderful) taste food with a considerate vegetable buffet you can have other than the main menu. Ah, the vegetable buffet is free with every menu you order, so you won’t have to worry get charged extras because taking the vegetable buffet. There’s not much restaurant which going on such concept and doing really well like this place I must say. Since the food taste good, the chef was so friendly and their staff’s service is superb, so I bet that’s the secret recipe on how the restaurant is able to doing so well.

I visited this place several times during my stay in Chiang Mai, and I must say this place really surprised me with their constant quality of food every time I came buy to have a dinner. And it’s also a really good choice, when you want to have something delicious yet don’t want to feel that guilty from eating some tasty stuffs. It’s definitely a recommended place to come by, if you have the chance to visit Chiang Mai. Oh, and don’t forget to come by the famous toast restaurant which located just across the street from this restaurant, named Mont Nom Sod, (full address : 45/21 Nimmanhaemin Road, open everyday from 5PM to 12AM, except Wednesday) which also one of my favorite. But if you don’t like sweet food, then you might want to skip on this.

Happy travel and food hunting~!

By GuideMi


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