Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice

When you heard about chicken rice, the first thing come into your mind might be ‘Hainan Chicken Rice’ and ‘Singapore Chicken Rice’, but the chicken rice stall which I’d like to introduce today on this post is the chicken rice stall in Bangkok. The stall’s name is written in Thai, so it might be a little bit difficult to find this store, but you don’t have to worry since every of their staff wear this pinkish uniform, so you can find the rice stall just by seeing the staff’s uniform color.

Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice
Go Ang Chicken Rice


It is located at 960-962 Phetchaburi Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok. The easiest way to locate it in the map would be it located just along the street across Talad Neon night market, so after having a dinner here, you can go for a shopping and snack shopping in Talad Neon night market, or maybe the other way round, since this place open until quite late.


The place opens daily (they didn’t mention whether they open or close during public holiday) from 6 AM to 2 PM, then there’s a 3 hours break, before they re-open from 5 PM to 2 AM. So you can have a late night supper here just in case you get hungry after midnight.


Since this one is a chicken rice stall, their must try menu would be a plate of their chicken rice, but since you can also order like some side dishes along with the chicken rice, so you might want to order other side dishes to eat along with your chicken rice. My personal favorites in this stall are:

Pork Belly Plate

Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice 01
Pork Belly

The pork belly is being stir fried with soy sauce and some green vegetables. I was expecting a slightly crispy pork belly, but what I got is the wet stir fried pork belly with soy sauce. On the first bite, it might taste normal just like any other pork belly you can find in a restaurant. But what’s funny is the more you have it, the more you get addicted to it’s taste and in the end you can’t stop eating the pork belly, which is wow. And after finishing a plate, you’ll start to crave for another plate. This is where I realize that even a very plain and common taste can be very addicting. LOLZ

Chicken Blood

Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice 02
Chicken Blood

This might not be everyone’s favorite, but this one is definitely my favorite, since I like any kind of blood, starting from pig’s blood, ox’s blood, chicken’s blood and even snake’s blood. If you order for their chicken’s blood, don’t forget to ask for their brown chicken sauce, since it’ll taste even better with their brown chicken sauce, rather than eating this alone without any sauce at all.

Steamed Chicken Rice

And here finally come’s the main must try recommended menu of this rice stall, the steamed chicken rice~!

Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice
Steamed Chicken Rice

One thing you’ll need to know about this plate of chicken rice is that they earned a Michelin Bib Gourmand for their chicken rice menu, and they really live it up to their Bib Gourmand award. It’s even taste a lot more better than the cheapest Michelin award winning chicken rice in Singapore. The rice is more fragrant, and when you take a spoonful of the chicken rice, you’ll definitely be able to taste the rich mixture of the chicken stock / oil, which blends perfectly with the steamed chicken with a super smooth texture that it will makes you can’t stop yourself for eating this plate of chicken rice until the very last bite.

I even ended up order more than one servings every time eating in this place. Ah, and not to mention their bowl of chicken soup which comes along with their chicken rice also tastes super good. If you’d like to have the chicken soup menu, they also have it in a menu, so basically this place is a must visit restaurant when you’re in Bangkok. =D

by GuideMi

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