Easy LCHF Recipe : Orange Sauce Pork Belly

Since my cholesterol level is roaring up, I’ve been starting to have a LCHF diet to keep my healthy on check. I’m a total meat and carbs lover though, therefore it’s been a struggle on the first week having to lessen the carbs intake one step at a time. And, since it’s a LCHF diet without carbs and sugar, it makes me almost impossible to eat out and it’ll be easier to cook at home. So, here comes the problem, I CAN’T COOK. I did some light cooking light frying eggs, making ramen, blah blah blah, but I never really try to COOK a decent meal at all. But, since experimenting things has been on one of my favorite past time, I’ve been experimenting on some simple recipes on my own and would like to share it with all of you out there if just in case you have the same problem with me.

And since I normally don’t cook at home, the only kitchen appliances are fry pan, spatula, knives, meat scissor and a dishware set. So, the recipe and cooking method will also be super simple and easy to follow.

What you need?

1 tablespoon olive oil

Thin sliced pork belly (I used around 180gram)

3 cloves of thinly sliced garlic

50 ml of squeezed orange (I used a quarter orange to squeeze out 50 ml of the juice, and I sliced the rest of it up for the fruit dessert after meal)

1 tablespoon of unsalted butter

A little bit of salt and pepper

How to make it?

Before start cooking, I marinated the thinly sliced pork belly with a sprinkle of salt and pepper (can be adjusted to your liking) for 3 hours.

Pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil on your fry pan and heat it up, you’ll notice the oil has heated up perfectly when it runs easily around the fry pan when you move the fry pan around. Once the olive oil has been heated, put in the thin sliced pork belly inside the fry pan and wait until it turn slightly brownish.

Next, put 1 table spoon of unsalted butter inside the fry pan and wait for it to melt then add the thin sliced garlic into your fry pan. Once the garlic started to smell good, pour in the squeezed orange juice into the fry pan. And it’ll started to boil, keep stirring it once in a while until the squeezed orange juice is reduced and it’s ready to be served.

How to serve?

I served it with a bowl of salad without dressing which I bought from the convenience store downstairs. If you feel like eating the salad without dressing is too hard to swallow, then you can consider pouring a little bit of perilla oil (I used Ottogi’s Deulgireum 들기름), which I think blends pretty well with the taste of the greens, add a sprinkle of pepper with a little bit of lemon sauce then I guarantee you won’t have any problem swallowing the salad down.

So how? The recipe is super simple and easy to follow right? You don’t even need to use any complicated appliances to make this simple dishes. It might not taste super marvelous but it tastes quite okay for a simple cooking (IMO). If you have any simple and easy cooking recipes which only need fry pan and spatula to cook and would like to share it with me, don’t hesitate to leave your comment down here.

It’s my 12th day on my LCHF diet and still keeping my will strong to keep going on! Have a healthy diet all~!

P.S. I forgot to take a picture for this one and the next recipe, but will be taking pictures starting from my third experimental recipe. =D

by GuideMi

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