Hong Kong Food List : Yes or No~?

During my last trip to Hong Kong, I tried quite some of their famous local eateries (My travel mostly is about food~!) which often being mentioned either in their local media, or overseas media. Since Hong Kong has been a god damn heaven for food lovers, and with so much food list you’ll have to try during your trip, you might find you’ve got not enough time to try everything out and get confused on which place you should try and which place you should just give up. So, based on my food try out on my last trip, I would like to give a little guideline on which food might suits your taste the best.

1. Bamboo Village

This place has been a must visit every time I go to Hong Kong for my late night cravings. But since it’s kind of a little bit pricey, I always limited my visit to one time visit on every trip, otherwise it’ll definitely make a big hole on my purse. Their sells Hong Kong style seafood, but the only menu that I really like and recommended to eat here is their Garlic Steam Scallops, the price will depends on the market price, so make sure you ask them how much was it before you start ordering to prevent an over budget spending. Remember to avoid their prawn menus, since it’s not really that nice compare to their scallops, or frankly speaking their prawn menus are the worst menu they have in their restaurant.

Bamboo Village
Garlic Steam Scallops

Recommended menu : Garlic Steam Scallops (YES!)

My Opinion : YES!

Price : based on market price, but based on my experience it always go somewhere between 50-55 HKD per scallop

Address : Bamboo Village Map (their stores name is not written in English, but instead these words 竹家庄, which literally means Bamboo Village)

2. Oi Man Sang (爱文生)

This restaurant has been mentioned in Baek Jeong Won’s (Korea top chef and restaurant business owner) variety show which is Food Street Fighter Hong Kong Episode. It is mentioned that their Fried Garlic Crab is one of the must try menu in this restaurant, and since I’m a huge crab lover, I quickly listed this restaurant as one of the place I would try. The place is kind of hard to find (since I’m traveling by public transportation and on foot), I think there’s this some error on google map so I would like to recommend Moovit application to find this location.

Garlic Crab
Garlic Crab – Oi Man Sang

Recommended Menu : Fried Garlic Crab , Pork Cheek with Vegetables

My Opinion : YES!

Price : around 350 HKD for the Fried Garlic Crab

Address : Oi Man Sang Map (for this one, don’t forget to look out for their Chinese name as well instead of their English name, since the store billboard is written in Chinese)

3. Good Hope Noodle (好旺角面家)

The place most famous menu is their Wonton Noodle, not only their place is being mentioned in Baek Jeong Won’s TV Show, this place also a Michelin award winner. So, truthfully speaking, I really put my hope high when coming down to this restaurant to try out their so-called Wonton Noodle. And, their menu is written in Chinese (since I can read Chinese so I was okay with it), so if you can’t read Chinese character, you might only be able to order those menu which come out with pictures.

Good Hope Wonton Noodle
Wonton Noodle – Good Hope Noodle

Recommended Menu : Wonton Noodle

My Opinion : NO! It tastes good, but if you’re expecting some award winner taste Wonton Noodle, then you’ll definitely be disappointed, I don’t think there’s anything special with their Wonton Noodle.

Address : Good Hope Noodle Map

4. I Love You Dessert Bar

This one also one of the Michelin award winner. I tried the one located somewhere around the Yao Ma Tei MTR, it’s just a 4-5 minutes walking distance from the Good Hope Noodle above. You might have to wait for around 30-40 minutes to get your order ready, and their staff might not be the friendliest one you’ll seen, some of them even are rude (I came here several times during my last trip and the staffs are different each time I came). But, once you tried their Cheese Cream Pancake Souffle, I guaranteed you’ll forget about the staff rudeness and every negative aspect of this store.

I love you dessert
Cream Cheese Pancake Souffle

Recommended Menu : Cream Cheese Pancake Souffle, or you can see my other reviews on their other taste~

My Opinion : BIG YES! Never left out this one on your trip!

Price : 48-50 HKD per portion, depends on what you order.

Address : I Love You Dessert Bar

5. Hing Kee Claypot Rice

This one was famous for their Claypot Rice variations, and their Fried Oyster Omelette menu. Located around Exit C of Yau Ma Tei MTR, they have several branches along the road, just go inside to any of their branch which looks vacant to you. This place is being mentioned in Baek Jeong Won’s variety show as well, where he tried out their fried omelette and clay pot rice. The downside of this place is it takes a long time to prepare your clay pot rice (20-30 minutes), so don’t come down here when you feel super hungry or you’ll get hangry while waiting for the food.

Hing Kee01
Chicken Clay Pot Rice – Hing Kee

I ordered one of their locally recommended menu their Chicken Clay Pot Rice and also tried out their Fried Oyster Omelette small portions.

Hing Kee
Fried Oyster Omelette – Hing Kee

Recommended Menu : Fried Oyster Omelette, Chicken Clay Pot Rice, Beef Clay Pot Rice (I didn’t try the beef though, since I feel like eating chicken instead)

My Opinion : NO! I think it will be just a waste of time to get down here, the clay pot rice is okay but not the taste that would make me go for another visit on my next trip. The fried oyster omelette taste slightly a little bit crispier compare to those Singapore’s version, but that’s it.

Address : Hing Kee Clay Pot Rice Map

6. Sing Lum Khui Noodles (星居林)

Don’t be scared when you see a line of people waiting inside of the restaurant, since it won’t take too much time for the line to go on forward. It’ll take 10 minutes at the most, since the restaurant moves in a fast speed, you get in, the menu (written in English and Chinese) is on the table, you write down your order and choose whatever you want to put inside your noodle. Put up your hands with the order paper, and someone will take it from you within seconds and in the next 5 minutes your noodles will be served in front of you. The auntie who organized the queue line is very fierce, she won’t let you get inside if your member has not completed, and she also won’t let you get inside if you’re seen taking snacks in your hands while waiting in the line. If you do one of those things, then she’ll let the queue behind you to take your seats, so you have to be really “well behaved” to get into the store.

Sing Lum Khui
Rice Noodles – Sing Lum Khui

Recommended Menu : Basically they only sell rice noodles, but you can choose what to put inside your noodle, and change the base (sourness level and spiciness level) depends on your liking.

My Opinion : YES!

Price : Depends on what and how many toppings you put inside.

Address : Sing Lum Khui Noodles Map (there’s two Sing Lum Khui noodles in this area, but the one that taste better is the one located in Lock Road)

7. Yee Shun Milk Company

One of the phenomenal Hong Kong dessert, their recommended menu is their Milk Pudding which can be served either hot or cold, and it can be served with or without ginger sauce. I prefer those served with ginger sauce though since it taste a lot of better, and if you ever tried Indonesia’s Kembang Tahu (Tofu Pudding), then this taste quite similar to those. Since I’m a Kembang Tahu lover, so, yes I like their milk pudding!

Yee Shun Milk Company
Milk Pudding with Ginger Sauce

Recommended Menu : Hot Milk Pudding, Cold Milk Pudding, Chocolate Milk Pudding

My Opinion : Could be YES and NO, if you’re a lover of those authentic and traditional taste then this place is a must visit, if you don’t like anything taste traditional, then save your time and scratch this place out of your list.

Address : Yee Shun Milk Company Map (there are several branches, so you might want to plan to visit those that located nearest to your place)

8. On On BBQ (安安烧)

I just happened to find this place when I visited I Love You Dessert Bar and waited for my order to be ready. It’s just right around the corner, 2-3 minutes walk away from the dessert bar. I started by ordering their Garlic Steam Oysterbut ending up ordering their Garlic Steam Scallops, Cheese Grilled Scallops, Grilled Mochi, Grilled Vegetables and many more. If you feel like Bamboo Village is too heavy on your pocket (I feel this way T-T), then this place might be a great place for substitute. The price is a lot cheaper and they served out a real good grilled foods.

Garlic Scallop

Rather than their Cheese Scallop, I prefer their Garlic Scallop better. And they put some chili slices on top of their garlic scallop, which makes it have a richer taste at some point compare to those in Bamboo Village. And I think the only think that makes the price gap between this place and Bamboo Village is the size of their scallops. Bamboo Village’s scallops has a relatively bigger size.

Grilled Mochi

I love mochi and any sort of rice cakes, but I never knew that Grilled Mochi could taste this good~! I was planning to spend 30 minutes in this place before going back to the dessert bar to pick up my pancake, but I ended spending 1 hour plus enjoying their grilled food here.

Recommended Menu : Garlic Steam Scallop, Grilled Mochi

My Opinion : YES!

Address : ON ON BBQ Map

by GuideMi


      1. Jop. Just moved out of the country last month. We are now in Europe to start a new life here.

        Ahhhhhh, the mixture of HK, Asian and western cuisines is just amazing. 😬😁


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