Best 3 Must Try Dessert in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been famous for their delicacies, starting from their lovely breakfast cafe which provides a wide range of Western-Asian style breakfast, to their healthy yet delicious brunch options, and their fabulous tea time option with cakes varieties up to traditional snack, not to mention their dim sum restaurant, their Cantonese style seafood, and many more… Frankly speaking, their Cantonese food is not really up to my style, because it’s kind of too greasy for me, BUT, one thing I really like about Hong Kong is the wide range of dessert they offered. After trying several places for desserts and cake in Hong Kong (I’m a fanatic fan of dessert), here’s the best 3 dessert which I think you would have to try if you’re visiting Hong Kong. Well, at least up to today.

I will be starting from the least of the best three…

3. Durian King

Durian King
Musang King Durian Snow Cake

Address: Shop A, G/F, 1 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei

This shop located just 2 minutes walk from Yau Ma Tei MTR Exit C. It opens everyday from 14.00 up to 00.00. It sells quite a lot of durian related dessert, like pancake, ice cream, moon cake, and snow cake (as per shown in the picture). I tried their durian snow cake, which is available with two options, either you want it to be a regular durian, or you want it to be stuffed with musang king durian. Since, I’m a big durian lover, I choose the musang king durian instead of the regular one. The outer side might not be that brilliant, but once you get into the stuffed part, that’s when you started to get addicted and can’t stop eating.

Tips : You can come down to have this durian snow cake as a dessert after eating Hing Kee Clay Pot Rice which located just 3-4 stores away. Or, you can do it like me, munching this up while waiting for the clay pot rice to be served, since it take 20-25 minutes to take the clay pot rice ready.

2. Yee Shun Milk Company

Milk Pudding
Ginger Milk Pudding

This place is one of my personal favorite. The other similar famous milk pudding might be Australia Dairy Company, but for me Yee Shun Milk Company serves a better milk pudding. Their ginger milk pudding (or original) can be served cold or hot, as per your request. I’ve tried both cold and hot version, and I think the hot one taste much better. It taste so soft and silky with a hint of ginger sauce, and it definitely will keep your stomach warm in a cold weather, which feels really great. YUMMY~!

Chocolate Milk Pudding
Chocolate Milk Pudding

Meanwhile for the cold one, instead of the original flavor, I prefer chocolate milk pudding better. It feels like eating not melted chocolate ice cream, just a little bit more tangy and the taste last longer inside your mouth. Beware though that this chocolate milk pudding can be a little bit too sweet for you if you don’t really like sweet things. Since I’m a sweet lover, this one works just nice for me. They have a lot branches here and there, but the one that I went to is located below.

Address : 63 Pilkem Street, Hong Kong

1. I Love You Dessert Bar

I Love You Dessert Cafe
Best Pancake Ever!

When I first heard the name, I was like “What?”. It’s just sound not really creative in my mind. But this cafe is definitely one of the best dessert place I’ve ever had in my life, and maybe the best dessert I’ve ever had in the entire world. I even named the pancake here as ‘My Lifetime Pancake’. And I’m not exaggerating it, as you can see in the picture above even our Michelin Inspector give a thumbs up to this place~!

Apple Cinnamon Pancake
Apple Cinnamon Pancake

While I’m in Hong Kong, I always makes time to visit this place after dinner or late lunch and it was so delicious that I can eat 2 portions of pancake per visit. (And that’s why I’m gaining lots of weight after my Hong Kong trip). I tried their sweet potato pancake, which tastes really wonderful, but it still counted as just so-so compared to their other flavors. And also tried their apple cinnamon pancake (picture above) which I like the least out of the flavor I’ve tried.

Green Tea Cheese Cream Pancake
Green Tea Cheese Cream

Then I tried their green tea cream cheese pancake which taste great! The pancake was so soft and fluffy that it goes melted like a bubble foam inside your mouth once you put it inside. The green tea has a slightly bitter taste but it mixes really well with the cream cheese. Though if you’re not a fan of green tea, then you might won’t like this one, since you can feel the slight bitterness of the green tea in their cream.

Cream Cheese Pancake
Cream Cheese Pancake

Last but not least, definitely the best of the best flavor they have in their shop, is a must try cream cheese pancake. It taste good even when it has gone cold, but it taste best when serves hot! If the green tea cream cheese pancake is slightly a little bit bitter and not your style, then this cream cheese pancake will definitely be your style. I bet no one will be able to hate it when it serves such a perfect combination between the softness of the pancake and the delicate cream cheese taste.

One thing about this shop, since they freshly made their pancakes, you might have to wait for 30-50 minutes after you ordered just to get your pancake served. There’s no seating area in this place, there’s only 3 little chair outside the stall. So you can choose whether you want to go around before coming back again, or you can sit down and sip a cup of coffee on the cafe next to them. This place open everyday, 3-11 PM on weekdays and 1-11PM on weekends.

Address : Ngai Hing Mansion, Pak Po Street No 24, Mongkok, Hong Kong

Tips : They have a wide range of flavors served, but from my own experience, their hot pancake tastes a lot much better than their pancake which comes out with ice cream. Though the texture of both styles pancake are the same, it blends perfectly with the cream cheese, but it feels like something missing when you eat it with an ice cream. But still, that’s my opinion, different people might have their own preference.

by GuideMi

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