What big political issues is being hidden behind Ex-Big Bang Seungri’s scandal?

If you haven’t heard about Seungri’s scandal which is a really hot news now in South Korea, I’ll summarize it real quick. So, this started when Seungri’s club, Burning Sun, is being put into highlight due to some assault scandals, and some of the police officers are being accused of playing dirty and covering the club dirty works for all this time (there’s a CCTV and black box evidence of how the police officers is assaulting the guy who is trying to help a drunken girl inside the club while he is mistakenly being taken to the police office as the ‘bad guy’). While the police officers deny that they do the dirty works behind the scene (they still deny it up to this point even after so many evidences keep coming up, how shameless I must say), the case is being investigated and they eventually found out that Seungri and his business partner often serving prostitutes to either their foreign business partners or any other guy who are looking for a ‘high-class’ call girl.

And while the investigation is going on, they also found out in Seungri’s Kakao Talk messenger chat that there’s this group chat which consists of Seungri and several of his personal friends (mostly are singers, those identity who has been confirmed are Choi Jong Hoon of FT Island, Lee Jong Hyun of CN Blue, Yoon Jun Hyung of Highlight (formerly B2ST), and Jeong Jun Yeong) which often shares their sexual activities with random girls which they recorded it using a hidden cam and giving out some horrific comments about the girls in the chatting group. And the latest news update is that another Seungri’s Kakao Talk messenger chat group reveals that he’s also taken in illegal gambling activities.

BUT, the main point of my posting is not on those news which keeps implying on how trashy a person can be. I can’t believe there’s a life sample of how trashy a person can be like how the drama ‘Return’ portrayed. So, back to the main point, we’ve known that South Korean always using celebrities bomb news to cover up other news which is political related or to cover up news which related to ‘strong’ people in society. So, the question is, what are the news that they’re exactly tried to cover this time by using this extraordinary bomb news (It’s not like this is the first day we know how trash Seungri can be, but why did they over report it now and not a few years back, when the prostitution case started in 2014~5?)?

1. Re-opened of Jang Ja Yeon Case

Jang Ja Yeon
Source : google

If you don’t remember who Jang Ja Yeon is, I’ll remind you again. She is one of the cast in Boys Over Flower drama who kills herself on March 2009 and leave a letter and a long list of some powerful businessmen, politicians, entertainment people who have ‘used’ her. Even with the list of some powerful businessmen, politicians, and entertainment people which she provided, none of them can be prosecuted. And in the end, the only individuals being prosecuted are those powerless individual in Jang Ja Yeon’s agency. Since 9th March 2019 is the 10th year since the case started, without any new evidence or any new witness, the case should have gone cold and could no longer be prosecuted based on Korean law. But, here comes out another witness, Yoon Ji Oh, a former colleague of Jang Ja Yeon who’ve witnessed Ja Yeon prepared the list before her death. She came up to speak while launching a book regarding Jang Ja Yeon titled ‘The 13th Testimony’, hoping that she can help Jang Ja Yeon to bring justice upon her unfair death. So, do you think the powerful individuals can once again escape the prosecution, or will South Korea finally have the courage to prosecuted those trashy but powerful individuals?

2. Koreana Hotel Bang Yong Hoon’s Deceased Wife Lee Mi Ran’s Suspicious Death

Bang Yong Hoon
Bang Yong Hoon and Lee Mi Ran Source : naver.com

This was actually an event which happened 3 years ago, in the early morning of 2nd September 2016, Lee Mi Ran, the wife of Bang Yong Hoon (the majority owner of Chosun Ilbo and the president of Koreana Hotel), jumped off from the Hangang Bridge and ended her own life. But recently, after the persistent effort of PD’s Notebook (one of my favorite TV Shows which always try to reveal the truth on some cases which other broadcast station don’t dare to tell) staff, the ex-domestic helper of Bang Yong Hoon came out and speak on how Lee Mi Ran were so stressed during her life. It is said that four months before her death, she is being locked to live in an underground room inside the house. Bang Yong Hoon will then have a party and lavish meal upstairs, while his wife, Lee Mi Ran, only can eat 2 pieces of sweet potatoes and an egg for her meal in her underground room. So, life as a wife of a wealthy guy is not always so great after all. The brother of Lee Mi Ran also revealed that his sister is trying to get a divorce before her death, but when they come with the document revealing that the divorce is being caused by Bang Yong Hoon’s fault, the divorce lawyer don’t dare to proceed with their request and even ask them to destroy the documents they have or else it will do no good for Lee Mi Ran and her family, proving how ugly a powerful wealthy businessman can be. With all these proves and new witness come upfront to give a testimony, will the prosecutors of South Korea dare to prosecute Bang Yong Hoon? Or, they’ll just play blind and dare only to prosecute Seungri and some trashy celebrities?

3. Chun Doo Hwan’s 5.1 Trial

Chun Doo Hwan
Chun Doo Hwan Source: Google

If you’re new to this name, Chun Doo Hwan is the South Korean leader during 1980 – 1988 who is believed to be responsible for the 518 incident. An incident which took place in Gwangju on 18th May 1980. The South Korean broadcasting system broadcasted this incident as the protesters had gone wild in Gwangju and therefore the government is taking action to take over the protesters, and that’s how the people in South Korean was being told in that time. But then a foreign reporter, Jurgen Hinzpeter, and a taxi driver named Kim Sa Bok drove through Gwangju, filmed everything and the film was safely being taken out of Gwangju (later inspired the making of 2017 Korean Movie titled Taxi Driver). From the documentaries, we can see that the protester was doing a peaceful demonstration, when suddenly government tanks shot the protesters, bomb is being dropped from the helicopter and the government’s armies were killing and shooting the protesters. Chun Doo Hwan once being trialed for this mass murder in 1997, and was actually being sentenced to death. But then he was released only two years after serving in prison, which is… sucks… Where is the justice?

Again now, he is being trialed for defaming one of the witnesses who said have seen Chun Doo Hwan giving order to drop the bomb on that time. Chun Doo Hwan defame the witness by calling him ‘Satan in Disguise’ and ‘Shameless Liar’. He make an appearance to the court last Monday only to flatly denied whatever he has done. So another weaklings who dare to do bad things but not man enough to admit it. His trial is still undergoing so we don’t know where it’ll ends. Will it ended just by giving him some penalty and without any serious sentence this time also? Or will the judges be brave enough to give him some serious sentence he deserved this time?

by Guidemi



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