Wattana Panich Beef Noodle at Bangkok

There are several beef noodle which taste wonderful around Bangkok, but up to now, this beef noodle restaurant still capture my heart even after I tried several others restaurant. The only downside of this place is you have to walk for quite a while from the nearest BTS station or MRT station before you can reach this place. T-T And you can just imagine how it would feel like walking under the hot sun for a few minutes. P.S. I really hate hot weather. But despite on whether I hate the hot weather so much or not, this place really has a great beef noodles that can just let me forget the hot weather and all the sweats once I take the first sip of the noodle.


The nearest BTS station would be Ekkamai station, and you’ll have to walk for around 8-12 minutes before you can find this place. Though the store name is written in Thai, it won’t be hard to find because you can directly recognized their wok which is being surrounded by the stoned beef soup / stock, proving how long they’ve been doing their restaurant business and still live it up to today.

Wattana Panich
Wattana Panich

LOLZ! Yes, the dark browned color stone surrounds the wok is the stoned beef soup / stock. I’m wondering how many years it take to make such a thick stoned beef soup / stock.


This place only closed on Monday and during public holidays. Other than that this shops open from Tuesday to Sunday starting from 09:30 AM to 08:00 PM. The place might be a little bit crowded and you’ll have to queue during lunch time, but since I’m not an early eater, I always came here around 3-4 PM for a late lunch. The place is still crowded with people, but there’s no queue. As long as you’re willing to share tables with people, you can just come in to the restaurant and sit down in any chairs available.


As per what the title shows, this place sells beef noodle, and that’s their best recommended menu. The only variation that they have is whether you’d like to have a thin noodle, thick noodle, yellow noodle, and if you’d like to order some additional topping inside the noodle. Other than that you don’t really have too many choices.

Wattana Panich
Wattana Panich Beef Noodle

From the outside, it doesn’t really look too much different compare to the other places that sells beef noodle. I ordered a thick white noodle, since I’m a big fan of kwue tiau. And aside from the beef ball, you can see that there’s a mixtures between cow internal organs. The number of the beef ball and organs are different every time I order, so I’m wondering whether they just anyhow took a full big spoon of their soup base and put whatever the ladle get inside the bowl. Or, maybe it’s just me who sadly get a very inconsistent toppings every time I came by for a bowl of noodle.

Anyhow, despite the inconsistency on how they serve their topping size each time, the taste and quality of the noodle is super consistent. It coming out surprisingly good every time I eat, and the size of the bowl is just nice. Didn’t make you too full, but yet keeping you keep wanting it again and again. And even when you’re having the last bowl (I always eat up to 2-3 bowls in every visit), you’ll still be able to plan your next visit, since it makes you misses the taste as soon as you drop your chopstick and the bowl.

The good thing for this noodle bowl is that the soup is somehow richer in taste, maybe due to the long hour that they keep boiling it compare to the other shop which sells the same menu. Second is I like how they’re able to get the noodle to be cooked on a just nice level. It’s not too soft yet it’s not too hard. And the last but not least is that with a slight additional of chili inside the soup (they have it in every table, so you can just add on the chili based on your own preference), then it’s the perfect beef noodle you’ll ever can imagine~!

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