Craving for Steak in Ho Chi Minh City?

Have you ever being in Ho Chi Minh City, but don’t feel like eating Vietnamese food? Have you ever being in Asian countries but you feel like chomping some good steak instead of trying their local cuisine? Well, I did. I was in Ho Chi Minh City when suddenly I was craving for some good steak instead of their local cuisine. Since I lived around District 1 area which is quite near to Nguyen Hue road, I decided to try out something nice around the area. After walking back and forth the street for multiple times, I finally decided to try out the B3 Steakhouse and Craft Beer.


The place is call B3 Steakhouse and Beer located at 90 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh City is the full address of the steakhouse. But, even with the complete address of the steakhouse, it is still so hard to find this place. Reason? Because the first floor is some local tour agency, and they don’t put any sign on where to go to find the steakhouse. But luckily, we saw some hall server wearing their uniform who is picking up another missing sheep (just like us) around the corner, so we just follow them and going in to the local tour agency office, and go up to the second floor. The place look kind of quiet from the outside, but once you get into the door, you’ll get surprised on how busy and how crowded the place is. We came slightly after dinner time but it’s still crowded, it was lucky for us that we still manage to get a sit even though we didn’t book a seat. If you must try out this restaurant, I recommend you to book a seat before coming down here. Since unlike Thailand, Vietnam has a very slow serving restaurant, so if you have to wait to get a seat, I don’t know how long it will take you to just be able to sit down and put some order.


This place open basically everyday from 3 PM to 11 PM, so remember to take out this place from your ‘lunch’-to-eat list, unless you eat your lunch real late, just like me. Since not just the steakhouse but this area is more lively after 5 PM or so, and it gets more lively during night time, so coming down to this steakhouse for dinner might be a better choice. Since, after the dinner, you can go down and walking through the car free wide walking street, or you can just go to the apartment cafe which located nearby, and choose on any cafe you like to have a dessert or just tea after dinner while enjoying the vibe.


Since it’s a steakhouse, so ordering a steak is a must. What’s different here is that you don’t get each meat on each plate per portion, instead you choose what kind of meat you’d like to have and how many grams you’d like to have it, and they’ll serve it in a one big plate for you to share. And another thing you’ll have to try is their craft beer, their beer is really good to have, especially along with the steaks. Yummy. Just thinking back on the combination of their beer and steak really makes my stomach started to growl.

B3 Steakhouse
Tenderloin Medium Rare

For the choice of the meat, I always love tenderloin, so here I choose to have the tenderloin as well. And, I requested it in a medium rare. Just like any other restaurant in Vietnam, the food comes out real slow, but here for every 200 grams of meat you choose, you get a choice of side dish and sauce you can have with the steak. So they’ll serve you with the side dish first, which I choose to have spinach cream and macaroni cheese, which I think quite enough to give you time to wait before the main dishes is being served up on your table. The cream spinach is a must try, which I think they make it really nice. You can feel the cream but it’s not that creamy that makes you feel like not eating it after a few spoon. Since it’s not that creamy, you finish it in no time.

Meanwhile the macaroni and cheese is so-so. If I knew, I would prefer to have the mashed potato instead of the macaroni and cheese. But anyway, you never knew if you didn’t try, right? It’s not that bad, it’s just taste normal. And finally when the steak is being served in front of me. I was like can’t held my mouth closed. The medium rare steak is the perfect medium rare steak color I’ve always had in my imagination. The most perfect one still being held by Singapore Robertson Quay’s Wolfgang steakhouse, but this one I can say the second best after Wolfgang. And not only the color of the meat is living up to my expectation, even the taste didn’t disappoint me. The meat is so tender yet juicy at the same time. You can still feel the juice dripping inside your mouth with every bite you take. It’s not an exaggeration, you’ll know what I mean when you take a taste of their steak.

Price wise, this place is not really expensive, though it’s not be considered as cheap, considering this is Vietnam we’re talking about. But if considering the price and the taste, I’ll choose to have this again rather than the Robertson Quay’s Wolfgang Steakhouse. B3 Steakhouse is a lot more economic price wise, and it taste quite similar to what they have in Wolfgang (but of course Wolfgang’s still taste better). And the other difference is that if Wolfgang Steakhouse is offering something quieter and classier, this steakhouse gives you a livelier vibe, which I enjoy a lot.

So if you have a craving for steak in Ho Chi Minh City and would like to enjoy a good lively vibe at the same time, I’ll recommend B3 Steakhouse~!

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