No Way~! So Way~!

Stumbled upon this post from A Guy Called Bloke. Thought it may be interesting to answer the questions from the posts, so here we go :

Worn my night time bed wear out to the shops

So Way~! I always love to wear pjamas at home~ so when it comes to having dinner on a neighborhood food court or mall, or maybe buying some supplies in the nearby supermarkets, I’ll just go with my pjamas on. My mom always scolded me for this though. =D

Blamed my farting on another

So way~! Especially when I’m in an elevator. Lucky that my one is always a silent one, so when the smells came out, I’ll pretend to twitch my eyebrow and look for my surrounding pretend to find who is farting inside the elevator.

Laughed at something that whoops wasn’t a joke

No way~!

Cheated at Monopoly

So way~! I’ve done it several time when luck is not on my side then I’ll turn to cheating. But, that’s the story when I was a little kid. Nowadays monopoly are in mobile game, you can’t even cheat. >.< Good old days~

Peed in the bath

So way~! Did it once, but doesn’t mean that I love to do it.

Accidentally sharted whilst laughing

No way~! But I accidentally farted with a loud sound whilst laughing. My previous company has a super family like atmosphere. Since it’s an auditor company, we often have to work until late night. To prevent any stress and to enjoy ourselves during the overtime, the staffs will gather in the big table with our own laptop and telling joke to each other while doing our work. One my senior was telling a joke, and everybody (including me) was laughing so hard, when suddenly a super loud ‘BRRRTTTT’ sound is coming from my way. Yes, I farted loud and long. Since then, I earned a new nick name, ‘Ms Fart’. Even after I resigned 8 years ago, my ex-colleagues still call me with that nick name every time we had a little reunion.

Arrived at a party wearing fancy dress on formal night

No way~!

Had a seriously bad haircut l had to wear a cap for 9 weeks

No way~! I have a face shape which can get along with pretty much any kind of hair cut, even a bad one. Thanks to genetics. LOLZ.

Broken a chair just by sitting on it

No way~!

Scream out aloud like a wussy when something jumped out of a dark corner

So way~! I was teaching Korean language to a pair of cute students (they’re sisters) during a private tutoring session in my guest room, when suddenly a super big cockroach was jumping out from the air conditioner above the desk and fell right in front of my face on the desk. I screamed so loud in a high pitch tone, while jumping on to my chair. The sisters looked at me like I’m some kind of…. over-reacting human being. Well, I really hate cockroaches, so…

Look at myself in the mirror and thought ‘Shit really/’

So way~! When I wake up one morning and find myself looking like crap with a super big white acne on the tip of my nose.

Stepped barefoot on dog poop

So way~! And I didn’t realize it until I smelled something super bad when I jumped into the car. I thought I had a dead mouse body inside my car at first, but then I realized it’s a dog poop.

Taste sampled my own earwax

No way~! I can’t imagine doing this one.

Worn underwear for more than a week

So way~! Not more than one week but it was close.. So there’s this business trip, where I have to go to a small city which don’t even have shopping mall and/or decent hotel. The only place where the people around called as a ‘hip hang out place’ is a small convenience store that closed at 8 pm. Due to some reasons, my business trip is extended for a two more days, and I’m out of underwear. >.< I went to the so called ‘hip hang out’ place (which is also a convenience store) to buy a disposable underwear but they didn’t have it. So after some times, I decided to wear my used underwear inside out for the next two days. Since then, I always have a box of disposable underwear as one of my emergency kit during traveling, either for a business trip or a personal trip.

Visited a strip joint

No way~! Never visited one before, but keen to try to visit one if I got the chance, out of my curiosity.

Watched pimple popping YouTube videos

No way~!

Used a public toilet that had no toilet paper and ‘improvised’

So way~! I was caught up in a really bad traffic on my way from home to the shopping mall where I plan to meet up with my friend. Then during the super bad traffic, my stomach started to churn and hurt. It’s the signal~! Since I’ve been holding it for soooo long during the traffic, once I reach the shopping mall (lucky I went there by taxi, so I won’t have to waste time to go to the car park), I ran towards the toilet, and didn’t even check whether the toilet cubicle I choose, has a toilet paper or not. Once I finished the job, I realized that there’s no toilet paper on the toilet handle. Lucky, there’s no one inside the toilet, so I silently go to the next cubicle with my pants off, take the tissue and go back inside to my cubicle.

It was a bunch of interesting questions, some of them even bring back some warm and funny memories of mine. LOLZ~! Can’t wait until the next episode.


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