Sanguan Sri – Thai Food

Say like you’re in Bangkok, and you would like to try something more authentic and more like a home cooked dishes rather than something coming out from a big restaurant kitchen, then maybe you’d want to try on this place. The place could be a little bit hard to find since they don’t have any English alphabet written shop name, but it really worth a try. I’ll explain on how you can easily find this restaurant below as well, so keep on reading. =D


The address of this restaurant is at 59/1 Witthayu Road, but this place can be a little bit hard to find due to their non English shop name. So if you’re coming from the Ploenchit BTS station (the nearest BTS station to this restaurant) it’ll located just before the Vietnam Embassy. The restaurant is located in a big old house and you can see there’s a lot of fruit seller sitting right in front of their house. Just get inside and you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see there’s a lot of table here and there.


This place open everyday, except for Sunday, from 10AM to 3PM, so remember not to plan to have dinner in this place, since they won’t open during dinner time. If you’d like to have a good time so that the place won’t be too crowded by the people who works nearby and come down to this place to have lunch, I’ll advise you to come down by 11 AM, there’ll be just a few people inside and you can talk peacefully without having listening to others talk and chit chatting. After 12PM, they’ll stay busy until their closing time.


The restaurant has been up for 50+ years and the original owner has passed away few years back, and now the restaurant is being managed and operated by the previous owner’s staff. But I will say that even though it’s not the original owner, the place is still pretty well managed.


One thing you have to pay attention here is that the most of the staffs here they don’t speak English. One or two of them might speak very little English, but it’s not good enough to have a communication or requesting for a complicated request, like recommending food, asking for explanation, etc. So, they have a very unique way to prevent miscommunication between  us and them. Once you enter the restaurant, go to the counter, take the English written menu, take a small piece of blank paper and a pen. Af ter you choose the menu you’d want to have, they have a daily special menu, so you’d want to check on that as well on the first page of the English menu, then write the exact same word in the blank piece of paper you take from the counter. After you finish writing your order, a girl will come to you (I think she’s the only one who can speak better English compare to the other staff, so she’ll always taking order from table which full of foreigners), and re-write everything in Thai language, then put your order to the kitchen. Note: Their Green Curry is the best out of everything, so don’t forget to order on that one.

Meanwhile, I tried these dishes:

Red Curry Chicken

Sanguan Sri 02
Red Curry Chicken – Sanguan Sri

The red curry chicken is not as spicy as how it looks like, I think even people who can handle spiciness can try to order this menu. It has a slight taste of tomato and coconut. Even though I’m a curry lover, to my taste, it’s a little bit too greasy, but eating it with white rice is fine. The chicken meat is really tender though, since it’s a drumstick. I would say it’ll depend on whether you like greasy dishes or not, though to my taste it’s a little bit too greasy, but my sister is having it fine, she even enjoying eating this one more than the green curry.

Green Curry with Pork

Sanguan Sri 01
Green Curry Pork

So here come my favorite dishes in this restaurant. The first time I have the menu, it’s slightly under cooked, because the meat is kind of hard to bite and still feel too chewy. But since the green curry sauce taste so good, I decided to give it another try on my second visit, and yes, this time they get it right. The pork meat is so tender and not chewy at all. Imagining the tender meat with the perfect sauce and a spoon of rice mixing inside your mouth, that’s the best sensation you can have! So, I’ll definitely recommend this one. And, they also have a green curry with beef, I’ve never tried it during my visit to this place, since I’m not a big fan of beef meat being cooked into dishes, but I heard it taste even better than the Pork Green Curry, so if you want to have a try, go on!

Oyster Omelette

Sanguan Sri 03
Oyster Omelette

The mistake I make on this one is that I ordered it while thinking that it’ll taste the same as what I’ve had in Thip Volcanic, I shouldn’t put too much of expectation on this one. It did not taste bad, but it did not taste good as well. It’s just normal. I won’t recommend you to make the same mistake as I do, so don’t try this one. If you want to have a good oyster omelette, then rather go to Thip Volcanic and eat all you want.

Chicken Basil

Sanguan Sri 04
Chicken Basil

Although I was hoping to have a drier version and with the chicken being minced into smaller pieces of Chicken Basil, I must say that this kind of chicken basil is not disappointing at all. It tasted like a completely new dish in my mouth, and not as salty as the drier minced chicken basil that I normally used to have. So, yeah, I voted on this one as a recommended menu as well. Though I wish they’ll have a slightly stronger basil smell on the dish, then it’ll be perfect.

Overall, this place is really nice place to have a lunch if you don’t feel like having meal in a place full packed of tourist and you know those kind of restaurant which are too famous between tourist and have so much thing to offer and being too commercial rather than living up to their restaurant’s name. This restaurant didn’t even push you to order this menu or that menu, so everything is by your will and you can have a peaceful dining time without having the manager or staff keep asking you what else you want to add or what else you want to order, while you still have dishes left on your table.

Happy Lunch~!

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