Kyoko Fukada’s New Drama – Hajikoi

Just like how I adore Kim Tae Hee, I’ve always adored Kyoko Fukada, since the first time I show her short drama with Won Bin, titled ‘Friends’. Since then, I’ve always been following her drama and movie. And since last January, 15th January 2019 to be exact, another new drama of Kyoko Fukada is finally on air. This time it was an adaption from the manga with the same title, which is Hajimete Koi wo Shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi. I’ve watched up to 4th episode (on air 5th February 2019) and up to now I must say they pretty much following the story line in manga, and can be considered in quite accurate in making the scene, so if you’re a fan of this manga, I assured you won’t be disappointed watching this drama, at least not up to 4th episode.

This drama (and the manga as well) is the story on how the study queen, Junko Harumi (played by Kyoko Fukada), who has been successful in her study failed to get into Tokyo University, and since then her life is walking a down line path. Not only she didn’t manage to get into the prestige university, she even don’t have a job that she like, she’s not married, and what worse, she even don’t know what she wanted to do in her life. At least not until she met Yuri Kyohei (played by Yokohama Ryusei), a pink-colored hair boy who want to get into Tokyo University because of several reasons. Aside, there’s also two other guys who also will be the key characters in this drama which is Masashi Yakumo (played by Kento Nagayama) and Yamashita Kazuma (played by Tomoya Nakamura).

Since don’t want to spoil too much about the drama, I’ll just briefly introduce and commented on each character which appears quite often in the drama.

Harumi Junko – Kyoko Fukada

Hajikoi 01
Kyoko Fukada @ Hajikoi – Source : TBS

I’ll start with my bias, Kyoko Fukada. I can’t believe that she’s 37 this year o.O”, how can someone has such a baby faced face. I must say she portrays the character well enough, that when you read the manga after you watch the series, you can’t just imagine how her expression will be. She starts off as an adult who regret on her past, dislike her current job but doing it just because she needs the salary and going out with a good guy who she didn’t like just because she’s on the marrying age. Which I must say a common problem that can relate to anyone of us out there. But then, after meeting the pink haired boy, she decided that her first priority will be sending him off to Tokyo University, and ever since she felt like she found a new reason to keep going on, and find her new goal in life.

Yuri Kyohei – Yokohama Ryusei

Hajikoi 02
Yokohama Ryusei @ Hajikoi Source : TBS

I came to notice this new actor, when watching his previous drama, ‘I Bought a Boyfriend with Loan’, a weird theme, yet their conversation in the drama could be depicting a very realistic situation in life at the same time. In Hajikoi drama, Yokohama Ryusei plays the role of Yuri Kyohei who has a complicated family background. At first, he started off just because he was curious of Kyoko’s character in the drama as well as wanted to prove something to his father who seems to keep despising him, but then through Kyoko’s guidance, he realized that he shouldn’t set his goal just based on other people’s decision, and become more serious with his study. And, since both the drama and manga is not ended yet, we couldn’t know whether he’s able to get into the Tokyo University or not in the end. But since his character is quite lovable, I really hope he gets a good ending in the drama.

Yakumo Masashi – Kento Nagayama

Hajikoi 03
Kento Nagayama @ Hajikoi – Source TBS

When I was looking for his profile, I couldn’t believe that he is actually 7 years younger than Kyoko Fukada, and his role in the drama is Kyoko’s cousin who has been secretly in love with her for 20 years. LOLZ. I wonder how it feels like secretly loving someone for that many years. It was fun and refreshing to see how frustrate he can get just to have one date with Kyoko’s character in the drama. He’s an ‘elite’, which means he graduates from Tokyo University, get a decent job in a decent company and have a wonderful apartment at his age. And not to mention driving an expensive car. He was so good at his job, but yet acting like a fool when it comes to love problem. This character is so unrealistic, but yet is quite funny and humorous in the drama. It’s a drama anyway right? So who cares about unrealistic and realistic here.

Yamashita Kazuma – Tomoya Nakamura

Hajikoi 04
Tomoya Nakamura @ Hajikoi – Source : TBS

So up to 4th episodes this character show up here and there but not as much as the other three character above. But based on the manga, this character will be another love interest of Kyoko Fukada. Kyoko Fukada is his first love, he confessed to her back in high school, but since Kyoko Fukada just failed the university examination on that time and has no interest in getting a boyfriend, so he got rejected. Few years later, he was the homeroom teacher of Yuri Kyohei and since that he is recently divorced, he set up his mind to chase over his first love again. In manga, his character is quite interesting and quite an outgoing one I must say, I even thought that a dense character like the one Kyoko is portraying in this series might be a perfect match for this character. But since, he’s not out that often yet in the drama, so I bet I have to wait and see whether this character is as interesting as it is in the manga version.

Aside from the four key characters above, there are still some supporting characters which I think really adding up some spices and colors to the drama, which make this drama quite fun to watch. If you’re tired of watching the heavy and dark theme drama, then I’ll really would like to recommend this drama which gives off a lot of merrier and light feeling yet got every touching sentences here and there in the scene. This drama is on air every Tuesday, and if you don’t understand the raw version, there’s this site which provides the English hard subs of the drama, which will be out normally few days after the raw episode comes up.

Happy watching~!

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