Thip Volcanic Fried Oyster and Mussel

So, another worth trying Michelin Plate awarded food stall in Bangkok. If you’ve travel South East Asia a lot, then you’ll realize that you’ll see the similar food a lot in Singapore. BUT, even if you’ve seen and eaten a lot similar things in Singapore, I still insist you to try on this one, because this one really taste more special than those in Singapore.


This place located nearby the Saphan Taksin BTS station, and it’s quite near to another Michelin awarded food stalls which are Baan Pad Thai and Jok Prince (Porridge). Since this portion of fried oyster and mussel won’t make you full, you might want to combine your culinary trip with one of the stalls I mentioned above. The full address of this place is 3, Soi Charoen Krung 50, Charoen Krung Road, Bangrak, Khet Bangrak, Bangkok.


The place open on Monday to Saturday from 10.30 AM to 08.00 PM and closed during Sundays. So, don’t come down here on Sunday if you’d like to try on this place. Last time I came around 01.00 PM and have to wait for around 1 hour, but it’s okay, since you don’t have to wait on the store. The store manager will be very friendly to let you know what time you should be back so your table will be ready, and they have this Robinsons mall just right beside the stall. Even though it’s an old mall, but well, it still be able to help you to spend 1-2 hour inside.


I don’t know who’s the owner is, but some of the locals told me that this place start out as a street vendor. The owner would pull a street side cart along with the diesel stove to cook the oyster and mussel omelette. He always uses fresh ingredients and the taste is really great that he got his own loyal customers, save up money, and able to open the food stall in a classic shop house style like what he have now.


There’s not much menu variation you can find here, which is the type of restaurant that I like. The type that just sell a little variation but with a great taste. Basically the name of the shop tells it all, you only can choose oyster omelette, mussel omelette, or you want oyster mix with mussel omelette.

After I write down my name and choose to have the oyster mix with mussel omelette, the store manager then tell me that due to the lack of the seating and waiting place, he ask me to come back by one hour tops, then I’ll be able to have a table in their place. I said okay, and go to the Robinson Department Store next door. If you’re not the type who like to roam around aimlessly inside the department store, you don’t have to worry, since there’s a lot of street vendor around this area, where you can have a tiny bit of snacks here and there while waiting for your table to come up.

Once I get inside the Robinson Department Store, I noticed there’s a KFC inside. FYI, I really love Thailand’s KFC, they got this sour spicy taste of the fried chicken that keeps you wanting more. So I decided to just spend an hour in KFC and munching their fried chickens. I didn’t have to wait too long to spend an hour, so once I finished with my KFC, I walked back to the store, and the store manager was cleaning up my table for me.

Since they have a little variation on their menu, and their menu are basically based on omelette. You don’t really have to wait too long for your food to be served. What I have in mind on my first glance on the food is that I was actually disgusted by the transparent blurry colored jelly-like thing on the top of the omelette. LOLZ, and then it really looks like nothing different that what I had back in Singapore. Here, they also serve the omelette together with the red sauce, just that the red sauce here taste 100 times better. It’s sweet, sour and spicy at the same time.

Thip Volcanic Oyster and Mussels
Oyster and Mussels Omelette

Meanwhile, the taste of the omelette is quite different from what you have back in Singapore as well. The fried egg is more crispy with a great texture, and the oyster taste sweeter and you can feel the freshness of the ingredients being served in front of you. It tastes so good. The mussel doesn’t really taste so special. So when I add another portion to it, I ordered the oyster only omelette without the mussels. And, it’s really to my liking. Even if you’ve had a lot of these kind of food back in Singapore, I really would like to recommend you to try this one during your trip. I’ll give a two thumbs up (four thumbs along with those on my foot if possible) for this one~!


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