Best Pizza in Vietnam… or maybe in South East Asia~

If you asked which food give me the deepest impression during my visits to Vietnam, I’ll say pizza. And I bet you, whoever reading this post now, will freeze for a moment and thought you just misread my sentence. Nope, you don’t. After traveling around South East Asia countries for quite a few times, I must say this pizza restaurant in Vietnam left the deepest impression on me. The pizza is really good, and with the quality it serves you, the price is not considered as expensive at all. So make sure you stopped by to this restaurant if you’re in Vietnam or else you’ll regret it.


On my first visit to Vietnam, I’ve heard a lot about this so-called Pizza 4P restaurant, but what I had in mind on that time is ‘How delicious a pizza restaurant in Vietnam can be? Shouldn’t I be trying their local foods rather than having some pizzas?’ so I decided to pass out the chance trying this place out. It’s not until my second visit to Vietnam, that I decided to try out the place, reason is they claimed they make their own cheese so their pizza is really something different for what you can have in Vietnam. They basically have a lot of branch around Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, and I think they have one in Da Nang too. But personally, my best spot is the one located at the Ground Floor of Lotte Department Store, which open recently, so the place is not too crowded and service you really well.


Each store has a different business hours, so if you’d like to check out on which location is the nearest to your hotel / place, and their operating hours, you can go directly to their website and check on each place. Unlike other restaurant’s in Vietnam website, this restaurant has a really user friendly and English friendly website. As for the pizza 4p that I frequent, they open from 09.30 AM up to 10.00 PM every day, and their last order is at 09.30 PM. So make sure you arrive at the restaurant before their last order time.


I thought the owner is some local company in Vietnam, but to my surprise the owner is a Japanese named Yosuke Masuko-san. It is said that the owner move to Vietnam on 2008 and he tried making mozzarella cheese like 50+ times, experimenting from 25+ different milk he got from some small village around the country, before finally inventing their own ‘most perfect and suitable’ cheese for his pizza. And in 2012, he finally open his first pizza restaurant before growing to few other branches around Vietnam.


Talking about their menu, there’s too much too good menu that I can share with you all guys. I’ll start from the drink menu first before going to their food menu. For the drinks, I personally think their sangria is good. I tried both the white and red sangria, but I prefer the red one. The red sangria blends with every of their food so well that you can stop eating while you still had your red sangria on the other hands. The red sangria is a really perfect drink combination for almost every of their menu.

Pizza 4P-01
Red Sangria – Pizza 4P

Just like any other Italian food restaurant, aside from their famous pizza, they also serve some other pastas menu and they also have a wide variations of salad menu.

Pizza 4P-02
Caprese Salad – Pizza 4P

Starting from their caprese salad, I immediately have a really high anticipation for their pizza once I tried out their caprese salad. The cheese is different from what I’ve had this entire time, it’s slightly more chewy, and you can still smell the milk smell but not too heavy, it’s tasty and delicate. I really can say that the cheese is what make this salad feels better than any other caprese salad I’ve ever had.

pizza 4p-03
Tomato Spaghetti with Mascarpone Cheese

If you order both pasta and pizza, they’ll ask you which one you’d like to have first. Since the pizza is their best menu, I always prefer to have the pasta first before my pizza is being served. The first pasta I’ve tried in their restaurant is their tomato spaghetti with mascarpone cheese, since I’ve always loved to try out from the most basic menu. You can choose whether you want to have your noodles soft or just nice. I tried with the soft one and once again they really amaze me with whatever they do with their cheese. The noodles texture is nice, the tomato sauce is delicious but what makes the spaghetti so special is the taste of their cheese. Once again their cheese has win the way to my heart.

Pizza 4p-04
Crab Tomato Cream Spaghetti with Ricotta Cheese

The second time, I tried their Crab Spaghetti. The visual is somewhat different from what I saw in the menu. They like giving the whole crab picture in the menu, but when it’s served, the visual is just like what you see above in my photos. LOLZ. The visual is still okay if you didn’t see what the dish look like in the menu book. But once you say what’s in the menu book, it can be kind of disappointing. The taste? It’s not as good as their tomato spaghetti I must say, but it still can be considered okay. So if you’re looking something creamy but not too creamy with a hint of tomato sauce, then this can be a perfect choice. Oh, and you can request to make it spicy. But for me, I prefer their tomato spaghetti to this one.

Pizza 4p-05
Affogato Pizza – Pizza 4P

Getting down to their pizza, I’ll start from their dessert pizza. Yes, you can have a sweet pizza as well here, there’s several type of dessert pizza you can choose from, and I choose to try on their affogato pizza. What do I think? It’s just affogato served with pizza bread. Nothing really special, nothing feel good and nothing taste delicious. I was actually having this dessert pizza after having their savory pizza, so I must say it’s really not up to my expectation at all. Judging from how their savory pizza tastes, I was actually hoping that it’ll at least be as tasty as their savory pizzas. But, I’ve mistaken. Definitely won’t order their dessert pizza anymore on my future visit.

Pizza 4P-06
Salmon Pizza with Burrata Cheese

Meanwhile for their savory pizzas, I’ve tried three of their menus which are Salmon Sashimi Pizza, Burrata Anchovy Pizza and Camembert and Ham Mushroom Sauce Pizza. And I must say each one of them have a really unique taste and taste so good. I personally think what really makes their pizza feels so unique and tasty is their burrata cheese on top of it. Even if your choice of pizza do not have burrata cheese, don’t worry, you can just request to add the burrata cheese topping for the small burrata or the big one with additional cost, which I think really worth the try. The small one is basically enough for one pan of pizza.

Pizza4P - 07
Camembert and Ham Mushroom Sauce Pizza

The burrata cheese is not too salty, you can feel the perfect taste combination of milk and cream and cheese melting in your mouth with the pizza you had. Making their pizza basically the best I’ve ever had for the entire of my life up till today. The dough is just nice, not too hard, not too soft and slightly chewy. I always hate the pizza crust and will normally throw it away while eating pizza, but this one, I ate everything including their pizza crust. Ah, and forgot to mention above that the owner also invented his own pizza oven. Out of the three pizza menus I tried, I really can’t say which one is the best since each of the pizzas really have their own unique thing. The salmon sashimi is so fresh, that even I who hates sashimi can chomp it down without any difficulties. The anchovy pizza is just nice, not too salty for my taste yet not too bland. While their ham mushroom pizza have a good combination of camembert cheese taste with the burrata cheese.

What’s the best pizza you’ve every tried?

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