Raan Jay Fai

Important Notes : Due to some accident, Sister Mole (the chef) hurt her hands and have to undergo surgery, so this place is closed indefinitely. If you want to try Raan Jay Fai restaurant, make sure you check on their Instagram first whether they have operate normally back again or not before you go down there.

I’m one of the lucky one who gets to try on this one star Michelin street food before the accident. I went here like one month before the restaurant closed, when I came back for the second time, the restaurant is closed already. Though I feel kind of bad that I didn’t manage to have a second taste on this restaurant, but well, anyhow there will be some other chance to have a taste at this restaurant again, no?


This restaurant located near Chinatown area but not that near, at 327 Mahachai Road, Khwaeng Samran Rat, Khet Pra Nakhon, Bangkok. There’s also another Michelin award padthai next next door, which is Thip Samai Padthai. So, the smart way would be, order an omelette padthai take away from Thip Samai Padthai, and eat it while you wait for your turn to be seated in Raan Jay Fai, to avoid yourself being hangry (hungry and angry at the same time).


Raan Jay Fai - 01
Raan Jay Fai

This place opens from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2.30 PM to 12 AM midnight. But now, since the chef hurts her hand badly that she has to receive a surgery, the place is close indefinitely, make sure you check on their Instagram before you coming down to their place to avoid wasting on your time to reach this place. I warned you this area is a really traffic jam area during rush hour, the traffic is no kidding, so better check whether the place is open or not before coming down. And even if the place is open and have operating as normal again, make sure you don’t come here with an empty stomach, the queue could be really long that you won’t be able to wait with an empty stomach.


This place is own by Supinya Junsuta, who is also the chef of this restaurant. The 70-year-old plus lady is more well known as Jay Fai though, which literally means Sister Mole, since she has a signature mole on her face. And she always wear her well-known google while she’s cooking. She can be easily seen cooking at the side of the store, just in case you’re wondering how she’s look like.


As I mentioned above, the queue in this restaurant is no joke. If you want to make sure you’ll be able to get a seat on that day, you’ll better make a reservation through email, otherwise make sure you reach there early and write down your name on the waiting list book put in front of the restaurant. I came by 02.30 PM and my name was already on number 63, and they just started serving like the first five tables. I waited at the cafe right next to the restaurant, while waiting for my number to be called. Remember not to miss your turn, since once you miss your turn, you have to rewrite the waiting number on the waiting list book. >.<

I waited like 5 hours, before I finally get the table at 7.30 PM. And I know why they served so slow. There’s only one chef, and the cooking speed is really slow, it even worse than those restaurant in Vietnam. The speed is really like that of a snail. So, remember not to wait with an empty stomach, unless you’ll get really mad just to wait for your food to come out. And after another one hour wait, finally my order is ready to be served. So, in total I waited for 6 hours.

I ordered the must try crab omelette, and since every table have one Tom Yum Koong and Drunken Noodle, I ordered the other two menu as well aside from the crab omelette. And, don’t surprise when you see their price on menu. Your eyes might popped out and thought that you saw too many 0 in the price list, but yup, the price is no ordinary, it’s far more expensive than just the price of street food in Bangkok. I don’t remember the price of the other two menus, but the crab omelette cost you either 800THB or 1,000 THB, so apparently there are two portions you can choose. But, now’s the next question is did the food really worth the price?

Raan Jay Fai-02
Drunken Noodle at Raan Jay Fai

I’ll start with the drunken noodle. The drunken noodle is okay, this one is definitely over priced if I must say. It taste just so-so, quite similar to Singapore’s Kuey Tiaw, and if I can compare it, Kuetiau Akang in Jakarta, taste better with a lot cheaper price and bigger portion. The size of the prawn is quite big I must say, but it doesn’t cover up for how the noodle taste. I’ll give it a medium rating if the price is not too expensive, but since this one is expensive (don’t really remember but I think is around 250-300 THB for a small plate), so I’ll say this one is really unreasonably over rated and over priced.

Raan Jay Fai-03
Tom Yum Koong at Raan Jay Fai

Second, is the Tom Yum Koong. Speaking of Tom Yum Koong, this can be considered one of the most easily found menu in any Thai food restaurant around the world as this might be one of the widely known Thai’s signature food. But the one served in this restaurant can be considered as one of the best Tom Yum Koong I’ve ever had. The sourness is just right with a tinge of spiciness and they give you lots of fillings. They give you a lot of mushrooms and a never end big prawns. It’s like you’ll just be able to find a big prawn every time you try to spoon up something from the soup.

Raan Jay Fai-04
Crab Omelette at Raan Jay Fai

Last but not least is their famous crab omelette. The 800 THB portion can be considered as quite big I must say. It’s enough to be shared with four people. When the crab omelette came out, I was like stunned, since there’s nothing special with the appearance. It’s just a roll of egg, without any sauce, and I was wondering what’s the different between this crab omelette and the Fu Yung Hai (the chinese style omelette normally with meat, shrimp and crab) that I normally have? And I found my answer once I sliced the crab omelette open.

Raan Jay Fai-05
Crab Omelette at Raan Jay Fai

They don’t use a thinly shredded crab meat like in Fu Yung Hai, but they used like a chunk meat of crab inside the omelette. It’s crispy on the outside, but the egg was soft on the inside, and the most important is the crab-chunk-meat is so sweet and tender. It’s not like you eat some factory made crab meat you can widely found in the market, this one is really best. Though I must say 800 THB is still too much for this dish, but if you’re going to try it like once in your lifetime, it’s worth your time to come down here, wait for a long queue and try out on this crab omelette. So have you tried this place before? Do you think it worth the wait and the money?

Important Notes : Just in case you don’t read my notes above, I’ll like to remind you that the chef’s hand is injured and can’t cook, so the place is closed indefinitely. If you want to go down to Raan Jay Fai, make sure you check their Instagram to find out whether Raan Jay Fai is still closed or have operate normally again.

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