Nai Ek Rolled Noodles

Speaking about Bangkok’s Chinatown area, almost everyone who has been there might agree with me that they sell a wide range of food, and most of them are really delicious and irresistible. Once you saw the food or snacks, it’ll definitely make you want to try it out no matter how long the queue is. One of the proof that this area might served one of the best food in Bangkok is almost every restaurant and street stalls in this area has an awesome long queue. Today, I’d like to tell about one of my favorite place in this area.


Located in 442 Yaowarat Road, it might be a challenge on its own to find this place, since the name of the restaurant is written in Thai, so there’s no English alphabet. But since the place is quite crowded and there’s always a queue in front of this place, this might be the only way you’ll be able to locate the place. The other easy way is this place located right across from Yoo Fishball stores. So once you saw the Yoo Fishball sign across the street then you’re nearby.


Most of the stalls and stores along Yaowarat Road (or more well known as Bangkok’s Chinatown) opens all along the day until slightly pass midnight, and this one as well. The operating hours of this restaurant starts at around 07:30 AM during weekdays and weekend and ends at 01:30 AM. Though the queue could be quite long, don’t hesitate to stand in the queue, since it’ll only take a short while before it your turn. The food is served fast, and it’s not the type of food where you’ll be able to sit down and chit chat with your friend while having your meal, so everyone has a really fast eating pace in this store.


The famous menu in this restaurant is their rolled noodle, and don’t forget to add up on the pork crispy on the noodle, since it makes a really good combination. The pork crispy is really crispy on the outer side, but soft on the inside. If you don’t have enough of having a few slice inside your rolled noodle soup, you can considered to order a plate of pork crispy for 80 THB to satisfy your cravings.

Nai Ek Rolled Noodle
Nai Ek Rolled Noodle

The so-called rolled noodle look (and taste) like Singapore’s Kway Chap and if you wonder how the soup taste like, it taste exactly like a Bahkut Teh soup, only with a slightly stronger pepper taste compare to Bahkut Teh. And since I love pepper, this rolled noodle soup is definitely up to my taste. But if you don’t like how pepper’s taste, then this soup might not be to your liking, and you’ll feel that the soup is too strong for your taste. Oh, and the other good thing I realize about this noodle soup is that they have all sorts of pig organ inside the soup, they give you intestines, kidney, liver, and so on. If you’re not a fan of this kind of organs, you can request to just put in the pork crispy inside the soup and take out every other thing.

They also sell this rolled noodle in three kind of size, small portion for 50 THB, medium portion for 80 THB and big portion for 100 THB. 50 THB is enough for me when I’m not that hungry and 80 THB is just nice for me when I’m hungry. Never tried the 100 THB one, so don’t really know how big the size is. How about if you’re not a fan of noodle? Well, you don’t have to worry about this at all. Since the stores also sell rice sets, you can just choose to eat their rice sets. The rice sets I’d like to recommend is their rice with pork crispy, and their rice with pork leg. Both of them are really nice.

Like what I mentioned above, the pork crispy is crispy on the top and the meat is soft and juicy. I’m not a fan of pork crispy, but I really enjoyed having their pork crispy. This one might be the second best I’ve ever had in my life. The first best pork crispy is the one I had it in Kam’s Goose Roast in Hongkong. And the pork leg is really tender, with a slight sweet salty sauce all over it, it taste so perfect with the rice. And don’t forget to order a bottle of chrysanthemum drinks too (I really had a craze over the chrysanthemum drinks and orange in Bangkok, so I’ve always have it every time I got the chance to).

So what’s your favorite in Bangkok’s Chinatown?

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