Polo Chicken Restaurant

Living for quite sometime in South Korea, makes me have the opportunity to eat lots and lots of wonderful fried chicken. Yes, South Korea not only famous for its plastic surgery and cosmetics but once you’ve tried out Korean Fried Chicken, then it’ll be really hard for you to move on. But this restaurant which is being included in Michelin Guide 2018 and awarded a Bib Gourmand, has finally makes me being able to like fried chicken other than Korean Fried Chicken.


Polo Fried Chicken Bangkok
Polo Chicken Restaurant @ Bangkok

This Polo Fried Chicken Restaurant located in Polo Street has been here for 50 years. The address will be 137/1-2 Soi Polo, Bangkok. The easiest way to recognize this restaurant is it is located next to a drugstore and 7-11 convenience store, and you can see there’s a big fried chicken draw in red on the glass of the store restaurant. And you’ll be able to see quite amount of foreigners eating inside, so it’ll be hard to miss this restaurant.


Since this one is a fried chicken restaurant, of course I ordered a plate of their fried chicken. I ordered a half size one for 130 THB (the full one will cost you 260 THB), since I planned to try their other menu as well. Unlike most of restaurant in Vietnam, restaurant in Bangkok don’t let you wait too long before you’ve got your order placed on your table. I’ve waited for 5-10 minutes before they served the Corn Som Tam which I ordered for the small size for 80 THB, but I think the portion can be considered a medium sized.

Corn Som Tam
Corn Som Tam

Som Tam which is also known as papaya salad in Thailand, might be one of the favorite food for the locals, since you can easily find this menu in most of the restaurant in Bangkok. In this Polo Chicken Restaurant as well, they served the Som Tam in lots of variety, you can find the Som Tam mixed with beef, pork, etc. But since I’ll be ordering a pig liver for my other side dishes, so I prefer the more vegetarian option on this one, which is the Corn Som Tam. The corn is really sweet, the papaya salad is sour and spicy at the same time, which makes an interesting mixture of taste I must say. But well, I really like it. Haven’t tried Corn Som Tam in any other restaurant yet, so basically I couldn’t comment whether this one is the best one I’ve had in town or not. But if you ask me, it’s on the good side.

Pig Liver
Pig Liver

Basically, I’m a big fan of internal organs of pig, cow and chicken. So if you asked me whether I like the dish above, I would nod my head and say yes without think it over again. I like my liver under-cooked, and this restaurant did a really good job with the under-cooked liver. For some people, it might be to disgusting to eat, since the under-cooked liver would taste too smooth with a little bit of juice in it, and they still have the slight smell, which I consider as delicious, but those who cannot eat liver will consider it yuck. But since they put some onion and a spicy sauce on it, it actually helps to cover the smell pretty well. I won’t say this one is the best pig liver I’ve ever had, but this one can be considered as not bad.

Polo Fried Chicken
Polo Fried Chicken

And here’s come the menu of the day, the Fried Chicken. One thing I like about this fried chicken is that the skin is crispy but the meat is really soft, even the white meat which meant to be hard and not juicy at all is considered as soft. Well, but still don’t expect it to be as soft as the drum stick part or the upper thigh part, but it really taste quite great. The other thing which makes me fall in love with this chicken is that they basically fry the garlic, and you can still feel the garlic as you bite it, but without having the smelly smell of the garlic itself. It tastes perfectly with the fried chicken. You just don’t need any other sauce or chili sauce to eat with. It is definitely one of the better chicken I’ve tasted besides the wonderful Korean Fried Chicken. I’ve visited this place twice during my stay in Bangkok, and still haven’t get bored with it.


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