What you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Vietnam~!

Speaking of Vietnam, what’s pop up in your head the first time you heard ‘Vietnam’? Buncha? Mekong River? Halong Bay? Here’s a few thing which I personally though you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Vietnam.

1. Pho 2000

pho 2000
Pho 2000

This restaurant located on the 2nd floor across the Ben Thanh Market, to be exact here’s the location on google map, so it’ll be easier for you to find it. By the name of it, this restaurant sell various style of Pho with some other menu like curry rice and curry noodle. I came here based on the recommendation of my local friend. Even though I believe most of you thought of beef in a bowl of pho, but my friend insisted me on ordering the chicken pho instead, as she said that the chicken pho taste much better than the beef pho. So, I go with the chicken pho. The soup was not too salty and it’s not too much of pepper, the soup is not too thick but it taste just nice, making you keep craving on more without knowing it.

2. Bun Cha Huong Lien

Bun Cha
Bun Cha at Buncha Hong Lien

So this bun cha restaurant is so famous because Obama (yes the ex US President) came here to eat in 2016. This Bun Cha restaurant located in Hai Ba Trung district in a 4-storey stores. It opens from 08 AM to 08 PM, This is the best bun cha I’ve had during my stay in Vietnam, it even better than the bun cha in Duong Restaurant which I’ve reviewed in my previous post. For the best experience in this restaurant, I’ll recommend you to take the Obama set as it has included one Bun Cha, one Seafood Roll (a big one), and one bottle of Hanoi beer. Since you can’t exchange any of the menu included in the set, if you don’t drink, then you might have to order in the ala carte way.

3. G7 Instant Coffee Mix

It might just another instant coffee mix, but this brand is extremely popular in Vietnam and could be find anywhere in the supermarket or convenience store. They have the black coffee mix, black coffee with sugar, and coffee with milk and a little of sugar. I don’t really drink coffee, but I brazed myself to try on all styles. LOLZ! For me, the best one would be the coffee with milk and a little of sugar. But, again, remember I’m not a coffee lover, so I won’t do any recommendation on what taste better on this one. But tasting the popular instant coffee mix in the country can be considered as learning the country’s culture, no?

4. Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo
Banh Xeo

This food can be easily found everywhere around Vietnam. The famous one which almost everyone recommended is Banh Xeo 46 which located in district 1, but I didn’t get to try on that one. T-T Instead I found something which I personally think can be considered as good in Hanoi, which is being sold in Quan An Ngon. At it was so big and the smell is so nice that three of European ladies who sit next to my table, came to me and asked what food did I order. I’ll definitely elaborate how this Banh Xeo taste on my next post on Quan An Ngon.

5. Banh Pia

Banh Pia Durian
Banh Pia Durian

This means a sweet pie cake, it looks like Chinese traditional mooncake with a more flaky and soft skin, and after asking to some of my Vietnamese friend. This cake originally came from China, a Suzhou style mooncake, adapted from Teochew style cuisine. So that’s explain why it looks a lot like the Chinese traditional mooncake. The difference is that this pie cake made out of mung beans with durian flesh and they also have a salted egg yolk inside the pie cake, so yeah, it’s very delicious. Cholesterol you said? Well, it’s not like you’re going to have it for everyday, so why not forget about the cholesterol for a day and try out this really delicious banh pia. I’ve tried several brand when I’m in Vietnam, and personally the one that taste best is the Hai Son brand’s durian banh pia. Yummy~!

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