Warabi Mochi

I’ve been into mochi for years. I really liked those soft and chewy texture of the mochi, and especially those sold in Japan, with various type of fillings inside the mochi. Until recently, I accidentally found out there’s this warabi mochi sold in Tsujiri and was completely fall in love with it. Since then, I parted ways with the ordinary mochi and have my eyes only for the warabi mochi.

What is a warabi mochi?

It taste like a chewy jelly, less sweet and best eaten if there’s this black honey sauce on top of it. The widely known would be kinako warabi mochi and matcha warabi mochi, but though I am a matcha lover, I prefer kinako warabi mochi to the matcha one. Based on the information I found online, it is made out of bracken starch and covered or dipped in kinako (some kind of flour) so that it’ll become like a jelly. So, basically, even there’s a word ‘mochi’ to its name, it got nothing to do with the ordinary mochi, since the ordinary mochi is made out of glutinous rice. Since it’s more easily seen around in Singapore, so when I stepped my foot in Singapore, I literally went to almost every place in Singapore which most likely sell warabi mochi. And, here’s list of warabi mochi I’ve tried, with my own review based on my preference. LOLZ

Tsujiri Warabi Mochi

warabi mochi

The first time I tried warabi mochi in Tsujiri Singapore, was the matcha warabi mochi, and I must say I didn’t really fascinated with how it tastes. Even with the black honey sauce they provide, it still tastes so bitter. Too bitter for a dessert standard. But, the second time I tried the warabi mochi in Tsujiri Indonesia, it was a kinako warabi mochi, and I was smitten. It’s soft, chewy, woobly, not too sweet, and it just give you a what I called foodgasm. It was really nice. That’s how I come to fall in love with the kinako warabi mochi.

Takashimaya Dept Store warabi mochi

The next tryout was the warabi mochi which is being sold inside the food stalls in the takashimaya department store’s food section. I didn’t take a picture since I was too happy when I found it and I just gulped it up in seconds without even thinking. LOLZ! Here, they only sell the kinako warabi mochi, and they don’t have the black honey sauce, so basically, you just need to eat it up just like that. The texture is even better than those sold in Tsujiri I must say, but for those who doesn’t really like to eat chewy things (my sister for example), then this warabi mochi is really a disaster. She can’t even swallow it. But for me, I prefer this kind of texture. But too bad that it’s not sweet enough for me without the black honey sauce. So even though the texture is good, it tastes rather bland to me.

Matcha-ya warabi mochi

kinako matchaya

If the Tsujiri warabi mochi is too jelly-like and the Takashimaya Dept Store warabi mochi is too chewy for you. Then you should try out Matcha-ya warabi mochi. They sell kinako warabi mochi and matcha warabi mochi, and they’re even available for delivery with a SGD 10.00 delivery fee, which I think is too expensive. So you might want to walk down to their shop and just do a take away. Since I don’t like the matcha warabi mochi based on my Tsujiri’s experience, I ordered the kinako warabi mochi. The chewiness is in the middle of Tsujiri’s and Taka’s, and they provide the black honey sauce along with the warabi mochi. So out of the three, I must say, I prefer this one! Might consider to try for their matcha warabi mochi next time. =D

Meidi-ya warabi mochi

Again, for this one, I didn’t take any pictures. LOLZ. I accidentally found this one when tried to find a melon jelly in this Japanese Supermarket called Meidi-ya. And one of their food stall, which normally sells sushi and fishes, brings out a corner and they sell a home made warabi mochi that day. WOW! I was thinking of having warabi mochi as my dessert later that day, and I see one. They don’t have a kinako warabi mochi, but instead, they sell it in three choices of flavour, which are brown sugar warabi mochi, yuzu warabi mochi and matcha warabi mochi. Oh, and without the black honey sauce. I chose the brown sugar warabi mochi, and I think it really tastes great even without the black honey sauce. It’s chewy, it’s sweet enough even without the black honey sauce and it really swipes you away with its taste. I was regretting that I didn’t buy the other flavor to try. T-T But well, you’ll always have next time, right?

So, overall, in my conclusion based on my taste preference (so everyone of you out there might have a different choice), the meidi-ya warabi mochi turns out to be the best one I’ve ever tried in Singapore compare to the other. Even without the black honey sauce I love so much, it tastes so good, maybe because it’s made out of brown sugar. It costs you around SGD 8.00 (more expensive compare to the other stores which range around SGD 5.50 – SGD 7.50) but with a larger portion. I normally can eat a portion of warabi mochi in Tsujiri and Matcha-ya by myself (the taka’s one was so small that it doesn’t even worth comparing), but the one sold in meidi-ya, I didn’t manage to finish everything up, so you might want to consider sharing it with friends or family.

Do you know any other places I can try warabi mochi?


  1. Try 108 Matcha Saro at Suntec or Jewel! I love them! But I am keen to try out those warabi shops you mentioned. Like you, I am deeply in love with warabi mochi


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