Left My Heart in Bangkok

Out of the South East Asia countries I’ve went to, with no doubt I can say that I love Bangkok the most. The only country in South East Asia (or maybe in the world?) that has not received any colonialism up to today is really a great place for vacation. Cheap food with great quality. Cheap shopping with good quality goods. A well mixture of traditional and modernity, Bangkok has it. And, sorry, they even provide a really great service of sex tourism. See, what you can’t find in Bangkok? Literally, nothing.

Besides the culinary (which I will definitely make a post for every food I tried in Bangkok), I love how you can so easily find beautiful temples like almost in every corner of the city. Well, I really love enjoying the architecture of temple, so yeah, the temples are definitely one of the reason why I fall in love in this city. Here’s a few things you can consider to do when you’re in Bangkok.

Visit the Temples


I visited several temples in Bangkok, and the most famous one, undoubtedly, is Wat Arun and Wat Pho (PS : Wat means temple), where you can see the greatest reclining Buddha. I warned you though the area is super hot, so if you don’t want to ended getting dehydrated, better prepare yourself a bottle of water here. Though the temple that I personally loved best would be Wat Saket, which also known as Golden Mount.

Reason : the stairs that you’ve to go through to get to the top of the temple is not hard to walk for. They designed it in a small steps, so it won’t even be a problem for an old lady or old guy to climb up the stairs. Aside the stairs is being surrounded by lots of trees, making you feel so calm, refreshed and not hot while walking up to reach the top of the temple.

Go to Chinatown at night

Why do I specifically mention ‘night’? Because the Chinatown (or Yaowarat Street) is a lot merrier in the night time. More people, more foods and more lively. There’re several things you can actually eat around here, not to mention, there’s some food shops being awarded Michelin Plate or Michelin Bib are mostly located around here. So you better don’t write this area out of your must to go list when you’re in Bangkok. I personally would recommend you to try the seafood in this area though.


Reason : I don’t know why, but almost every seafood restaurants and stall around this area has a really unbelievable cheap price. Well, you can find some expensive price seafood around this area as well, but most of the place sell it in a real cheap price, again with a good quality seafood of course.

Trying Out Tuk-tuk

So, there’s this Thai’s unique vehicle that you’ve to try out. Due to the real bad traffic in Bangkok, sometimes riding Tuk-tuk might be the best option compare to taking grab or taxis, because the tuk-tuk’s drivers are really good at cutting other vehicles, finding some small streets that only tuk-tuk and motorbike can get through, so yeah, it’s definitely worth to take during the bad traffic time.


But, please note that you might want to check on grab’s price before riding on a tuk-tuk, since the driver often requests for an over expensive price. So check the grab’s price through the application, and you can go negotiate for the roughly the same price with what’s shown in the application. That way you can make sure that you’re not being cheated.

Drink Their Chrysanthemum Tea


I don’t know why, but their chrysanthemum tea is definitely much more refreshing with mild sweet taste compare to other country’s chrysanthemum tea which I’ve tried before. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the one shown in the picture, just grab anything you can find, either from the supermarket, convenience store, or even those sold on the streets which is being packed inside a bottle without any brand. They all tastes the same, not too sweet but was so refreshing. It’s my number one choice drink, especially during the hot weather at noon.

Trying Out the Street Snacks

While waiting for your friends or family member shopping, sometimes you’ll notice there’s a little stall around the shopping area which sells various street snacks. If you’re not a heavy shopper (just like me), then you might want to try these treats while waiting for the others to finish their shopping frenzy. Personally, these two things are what I like the most out of other snacks.


Sticky rice! The most common types of sticky rice you can found is mango sticky rice and durian sticky rice. Although I’m a big fan of durian myself, I prefer mango sticky rice compare to durian sticky rice. Why? Because I’m not a fan of Thailand’s durian which taste too buttery for my tongue, I prefer Musang King durian, so that’s why I choose mango sticky rice over the durian sticky rice. But if you’re a fan of Monthong Durian, then you might prefer the durian sticky rice to mango sticky rice.


Up next, is what I personally called crispy pancake, since I don’t know how to read Thai, and the shape of snack look kind of like a pancake and it’s crispy, so I named it a crispy pancake. The one I posted above is the sweet crispy pancake. The white cream tastes sweet and slightly creamy, but in a good way. The seller told me that the orange pieces is egg, but when I take a bite, it tastes more like a sweet potato to me. Nope, I’m sure it’s a sweet potato and not an egg. (Anyone knows and can help?) And the one I posted below is the salty crispy pancake.


The salty crispy pancake basically made out of the same thing as the sweet crispy pancake. You have the sweet white cream and a crispy pancake, the only difference the filling is made out of salty coconut with a slight spicy taste. If you ever tried urapan (one of the traditional Indonesian cooking make out of a salty coconut, vegetables and taste slightly spicy), then the filling of this salty crispy pancake, taste just the same. It might feel weird after the first bite, but if you keep taking it in, strangely, you’ll just get addicted to it. I even find the salty one taste better, as it’s not too sweet and it won’t let you feel too creamy even after you ate a lot, compare to the sweet one.

Visit Central Embassy

The Central Embassy must be a newly open department store, since everything look so new and some of the stores are still undergoing renovation, and there’s not too much visitor yet. But the place is full of high-end international brand like Prada, Gucci, Christian Dior, and many more. It’s not the high-end shopping that attracts me, but the bookshop located at the 6th floor of this department store was a really good place where you can take lots and lots of instagrammable picture.


Well, this is definitely the second best book shop I’ve ever seen up to today. Why the second? Because the first best book shop of my version is the Starfield Bookshop located in Samsung Coex, Seoul, Korea. So the one I found here could only place the second. What’s interesting here is that aside from the bookshop, you can find several small restaurants are actually operating inside the bookshop. But even with so many small restaurants inside the bookshop, you can’t even smell a slightly food smell inside the bookshop. The bookshop is so beautiful and so instagrammable that I think you should take some time to visit this place, really.

Happy Holiday All~!


      1. I have a Peranakan friend in Georgetown, Penang. She has been teaching me a bit of Bahasa Malayu. And Hokkien. (I love languages)
        Selamat pagi. (By now it should be almost morning over there.)

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