[Movie] Take Point

Before I started, I would like to warn you that my posting might have some spoilers, so if you are planning to watch the movie or if you don’t like to being spoiled, stop reading right now and check my other posts! =D

I don’t normally write a review on a movie, unless the movie left me with a really deep impression, either in a good way or a bad way. This movie is directed and written by Kim Byung Woo, and was starred by two acknowledge Korean actors who are really talented, Ha Jung Woo and Lee Sun Kyun. The movie is more well known by the name of PMC: 더 벙커 (PMC : The Bunker) in South Korean itself. And, even though it is being starred by two of the talented actors that I known, the actors can’t even save this r*bbish movie. The movie should just named No Point rather than Take Point. What’s so wrong about the movie that even it is played by some talented senior actors, they can’t even help to save the movie?

The story was soooo repetitive…

The story was so repetitive that it really bores me out of hell. So the story starts out as Ha Jung Woo carrying a mission which is believed can help the re-election of the President. And then he find himself was inside a bunker with ‘King’, the most wanted North Korean leader with a bounty of USD 5 mio, making him changing his mission to get ‘King’ alive no matter what. And then, here’s where the story starts to keep repeating itself. Ha Jung Woo is being shot, then trying to help ‘King’ stay alive, then his team mates dies on him, and then bomb is coming then he fainted. Then he regain his consciousness, trying to help ‘King’ stay alive, then some of his team mates die again and the bomb is coming then he fainted again. And he regain his consciousness again, and repeat… and repeat… The story line was so repetitive and draggy. It’s even getting more draggy then the Korean’s mellow soap opera. Keeps making me checking my phone to see what time is it and when will the movie ends.

Too full of ‘action’ action movies

‘An action movies should full of action-packed scene!’ you might say, but well, this one is too full of it, that it looks impossible and stupid. They were saying some repetitive dialogue and shoot, bang, bomb. Then again, shoot, bang, bomb. The director cum writer might be trying to copy some western full packed action movies, but congratulations Mr. Director, you failed miserably, I must say. It’s so full of action and bloody scene, even some scene looks like being forcibly squeezed in it by the Director just to show us some bloody scene which makes the movie looks stupid I must say, let’s say the scene where Jung Woo tried to take the bullet out of his leg. It was bloody, yes. But it looks just bloody and stupid. How can a guy who just cut off his artery, and sprays out the blood out of his thigh can survive the long hours of the battle without dying?

What’s the point of…

What’s the point of let Ha Jung Woo keep saying, “Let’s make it out alive together”, while in the end every team member died? Okay, I get it if the writer is trying to kill off some of the team mates to give the movie a heroic vibe, but what’s the point if the Director killed off everyone except the main character, while trying so hard to make it like everyone could get this out alive? Well, maybe again, he’s trying to copy some western movies where some of the characters died heroic to save other members. Well, you see, the western movies don’t just kill off any character, they always choose someone who can gain viewer’s sympathy to kill off or to sacrifice, so it always be emotional whenever you see them die heroic on the screen. But in this movie, the director didn’t even develop the team member’s character so well, you don’t even know who is who until the end of the movie. So when the team members died, they just feel like ‘Okay, another unimportant character just died,’ and that’s it. He rather just killed off the main character, rather than killing of everyone that feels so unimportant and let the main character live.

Obscure ending… I mean really obscure

Okay, here’s the part where I get really really mad. The ending was so obscure. It was like a movie which has a beginning without any ending. I mean you have the ending where the main character manage to get out alive, but, other than that everything was just so unclear. What happen to the woman officer from the States who gives him the command to do the operation? Once they make it out alive their plane was attacked by China and the main character escaped by parachute, end. So what happen to the States which is being attacked by China? And after so many hardships to get ‘King’ out alive, what happen to ‘King’? And do the president gets re-elected? Everything was just being left there by the Director, without a closing, without an ending. Everything is unclear. So what’s the point of making this movie again? That’s why I say in the beginning that the movie’s name should be changed to ‘No Point’ instead of ‘Take Point’.

I was even surprised that the two talented actors agreed to do this movie. Didn’t they read the scripts? Well, Ha Jung Woo might do it because he’s the one who produced the movie. Overall, the movie is really a big NO! Don’t even watch it even if you get spare time to watch it. It’ll be just a waste of your time, trust me. I really love watching Ha Jung Woo and Lee Sun Kyun in their other drama or movie, but this one is really too much to endure. If you still plan to watch the movie, even after seeing my review, don’t say that I didn’t warn you beforehand not to watch this one. =P

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