Tunglok Signatures (The Central)

Tunglok’s Group is one of the Singapore’s leading restaurant group. You can find their restaurant here and there, not only in Singapore, but spreading over Asia. One of their famous restaurant would be Tunglok Signatures, a Chinese Restaurant located around the Central Clarke Quay.


There’s two Tunglok Signatures restaurant in Singapore, as per my knowledge. One is the one in Changi Point, while the other located around the Central Clarke Quay area. The one I went to is located on the second floor of the Central Clarke Quay, in the blue zone. The address would be 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, 02-88, Singapore 059817. It is super easy to access by several number of buses, as they’re quite a few buses which located just infront of the Central Clarke Quay, or you can take the NE Line and stop at Clarke Quay Station, then go to exit to The Central.


Both of the place has the same operating time, open during lunch, having a break time then open during dinner time again. It will be from 11:30AM to 3PM, then the dinner time will be from 6PM to 10:30PM. It opens everyday during weekdays and weekend.


Established in 1984 by Mr. Andrew Tjioe, the group started out as a restaurant which served a selection of Cantonese dishes. But now, expanding to several types of restaurant and several countries, Tunglok Group served Shanghainese and Si Chuan style dishes as well aside from the Cantonese dishes.


Knowing that the Tunglok Signatures which located in The Central Clarke Quay has received an award by Michelin, I went and ordered two recommended dishes, which is the Sakura Crispy Chicken and Honey Roasted Pork.

Honey Roasted Pork


The first menu that came out is Honey Roasted Pork. One thing to be sure of is that I’m not a big fan of anything related to “honey sauce”. I like honey very much, but when it comes to cooking, or dishes with “honey sauce”, I realized that I hated it very much. The pork meat is well cooked, the smoothness and the texture was just nice, I think I would really fell in love with the roasted pork if only they don’t put the honey sauce with it. For me, it really ruined the taste, but for you who love anything to do with honey sauce, then well this pork might be just right for your taste buds.

Sakura Crispy Chicken

The second menu is Sakura Crispy Chicken. They have a wide selection of crispy chicken menu, so make sure you don’t make the wrong order when you put in your order. The one recommended by the michelin inspector is Sakura Crispy Chicken, so make sure to try this one out, because I promise that you won’t regret it. I even regretted why would I even order the Honey Roasted Pork, knowingly I don’t like the honey sauce, should have order a large portion of this menu.

The chicken meat was soooo tender that it melted inside your mouth once you take a bite on it. And, what’s even makes me more surprised is that they even did a pretty well job on the breast meat. The breast meat was so tender compare to the normal standard (they still slightly hard to bite compare to the thigh meat but it was really okay), that you would keep wondering what method did they use to even cook this wonderful crispy chicken.

Besides the tenderness of the meat, the second good job is the crispiness of their skin. The skin is crispy, juicy, but it’s not greasy, so if you’re the type who doesn’t really like greasy and oily fried chicken (the same goes with me), then having this Sakura Crispy Chicken, will definitely be able to satisfy your taste bud and stomach. =D

Unlike the overrated Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chop House, the michelin inspector did a quite decent job in giving rating to this Tunglok Signature Restaurant. Happy dining!

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