Luke’s in Singapore

Had you have a craving for oyster in a very late night? Apparently I had. And it was like almost 10 PM, so not very many place would still open. Singapore has a lot of bars that open till late night, but restaurant which sells oyster, I think they’re just a few of them out there. I finally found a place called Luke which is located just in the area where I stayed, so I decided to give it a try.


Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House

There is open in The Heeren, Orchard. But the one I went to is the one located at 22 Gemmill Ln. A 3 minutes walking distance from Telok Ayer MRT. The place is surrounded by several classy bar and pub, so you might want to have an I-cha (second round in Korean) with your friends by having a chat with a glass of beer after your dinner.


The one at The Heeren open everyday but with an earlier closing time compare to the one located at Gemmill Ln, which is 12PM – 10PM. Meanwhile the 22 Gemmill Ln one open everyday except for Sunday, from 12PM – 12AM. So, remember you will only be able to go for the one located at Gemmill Ln if you’re craving for late night food.


Since the name of the restaurant is Luke’s, at first I thought the owner’s name would be Luke or something like that, but instead of someone named Luke, the owner and chef of the restaurant is Travis Masiero. Aside from the chef, Luke’s Restaurant also have 3 certified sommelier (some kind of a wine steward) who are ready to offer the finest wine and beverage service in the restaurant.


Not until few weeks after I had my late night dinner here, that I found out that Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chophouse has actually been awarded a Michelin Plate by the Michelin Guide 2018. You can see a complete set of their menu in their website, including their price list and wine list. So you will be able to count on your wallet budget before coming down here. ^^

When I ordered the oysters menu, unfortunately, since it’s near midnight already, they only left Malpeque, Pleasant Bay, and Bamstable Oysters. Malpeque comes from Canada, while the other two come from the States. I also ordered a plate of tenderloin with asparagus as it sides, since I need some vegetables too.


Just like any other fine restaurant, this place serves bread as their appetizers while you wait for your orders to come out. You have two cute little bread, which is really soft in the middle and it has a slight corn taste, which I liked it very much. You can spread a little bit of spicy butter above and yum yum, you just can’t wait for your food to be served.

Types of Oysters

They started by serving you the half dozen oyster that you choose. Since I don’t know what’s the different between each type that’s left behind, I ordered two of each. So I got three types of oyster served for me. Among the three types of oyster served, I must say that I prefer the Malpeque one best, the one which is imported from Canada. The other two is quite okay, and is bigger in size, but has a slight fishy smell, which I really hate. LOLZ! I must say the oysters I had is really nothing compare to the one I had in Tongyeong, which I did mention a tiny bit on my previous post on Yi Sun Sin. The Michelin Inspector should really try out the oyster bar in Tongyeong before even giving this place the Michelin plate award.

Tenderloin Steak

After having a so-so tasted oyster, the tenderloin I ordered came out, served together with the asparagus as their side dish. First I’ll started out with the tenderloin. I ordered it medium rare, just like the one I used to like. It’s good I must say, but it’s just I have some other places which served a better tenderloin steak, one of the better place will be Wolfgang Steakhouse. If you’ve ever tried any steak served in Wolfgang Steakhouse, then any steak served in Luke’s Restaurant won’t be able to satisfy your cravings for meat. But it is still considered as good nonetheless.


Surprisingly, the asparagus served is the best dish that came out tonight. LOLZ! With the dipping sauce given with the asparagus, this is definitely the best dish out of so many food I ate in Luke’s Restaurant. The asparagus tasted really fresh, while the dipping sauce helps to eliminate every possible smell that could came out from a boiled vegetables. You’ll have a crunchy, delicious, and healthy asparagus in result.

So if you ask me whether the meal worth my money. Frankly speaking, unless you came here to have that classy luxurious atmosphere while having your dinner or lunch, then the food here really don’t worth your penny. It’s not that the food taste not good enough, it’s just that you can find something taste better with the same price given so why spend your money on something which taste just average?


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