Akira Back

If you love to eat some pricey good food in a nice atmosphere restaurant, then you might have heard this restaurant a lot, it has set foot in several major cities all around the world. I tried their AB Steak restaurant in Jakarta before, which I must said quite good but still slightly lose to Wolfgang Steak located in Robertson Quay, Singapore. This time during my visit to Hanoi, I find this restaurant again!


Just like in Singapore, in Hanoi, the Akira Back located inside the complex of JW Marriott Hotel. The taxi driver will drop you at the lobby, and there’s a golf car prepared by the hotel to take you down to the restaurant. The exact address of this place : 8 Do Duc Duc, Me Tri, South Tu Liem.


The restaurant only open during dinner time starting from 5.30PM up to 11PM. Their last order would be 10.30PM. I booked for a table before coming down to the restaurant for a 6.15PM dinner, and surprisingly the staff told me that I was their first customer that day. The staffs here speak really good English, so it won’t be difficult to converse with them at all.


As per the restaurant name, the owner is Akira Back, a Korean who raised in Aspen, Colorado. To your surprise, he was a professional snowboarder in Colorado before take turn and becoming a chef. He has been working at local restaurants while being a professional snowboarder, before in the end he realized that his passion is indeed in the kitchen and take up the challenge to become a full time culinary chef. There’s the official website introducing the chef, if you’d like to know the full story of Chef Back.


In Jakarta, I tried their grill restaurant, and was quite mesmerized by their food. Therefore, this time hoping to get the same sensation, I went to the one in Hanoi. As a starter, I ordered a miso soup, to warm up my belly. Since the day I went here, I was too busy shopping and running around that I forgot to take a decent lunch. Just in case I got an upset stomach, I decided to start with something warm and light. The miso soup was slightly over-rated I must say, it’s just any other miso soup you can find in any Japanese restaurant. Next, I ordered for a raw scallop sushi.

Raw Scallop Sushi

The second dish, I prefer it better if the sushi is slightly a little bit spicy, but it’s just a sushi rice topped with raw scallop, which I must say very ordinary. Let me draw into the conclusion that we’re paying for the freshness of the food material instead for the taste. Since I must say the scallop was thick and real fresh. You still can taste the sweetness and the juice coming out from the scallop as you chew it. Yummy! Don’t expect something unique out of the taste, but the freshness of the food!

Finally, for the main dish, since I don’t eat fish, so I opted out anything made out of fish, there’s a beef option left, either you want the 48 hour beef ribs or the gyu don. This time I prefer to try out the 48 hour beef ribs. Well, I was expecting something more similar to steak actually, but…. it came out this way….

48 Hour Beef Ribs

You get something more similar to beef stew, that’s why when I was requesting for the medium rare beef, the staff kept telling me not to worry the chef will know what is the best choice for the beef. Because it was a stew, with a half boiled quail egg. Yes! you read it right, the quail egg was half boiled. It’s kind of new to me, since this is really the first time in my life trying it out. It’s good I must say, but this might be the last time I ate it, it contains a real high level of cholestrol, which me myself has to be aware of.


Beef Cube

And now let’s take a closer look at the beef, it just look like another beef cube in a beef stew until you try and take a bite of it. It was super super juicy and tender. You can feel the stew sauce, the tenderness of the beef, and even you can feel the meat juice dripping down in your mouth when you take a bite of it. Though the first two dishes was quite below my expectation, this main dish makes you forget every disappointment you possibly had felt during the starter menu and the snack menu. I never had anything like this before and would like to give it a two thumbs up! Will definitely going back here and try out their other main menu if I got a chance to coming back down here. =D

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