Duong Restaurant

I’m not a big fan of Vietnamese food, and all I know about vietnamese food all these years is their springroll and Pho, and that’s it. I managed to spend some time in Vietnam this year, traveling solo on my own. One of the hardest thing to do when you travel alone is picking up places to eat. Since you will always want to try this and that, but all you have is one stomach which definitely will be not enough to shelter every food which is going inside you.

I found this restaurant online, and the restaurant had quite a high rating online with a price that is not too cheap but not too pricy as well so it won’t do too much damage to your pocket. =) That’s why I decided to give it a try, since I was planning to do some looking around the area.


The restaurant is located in 2 places, but the one that I went to is their first restaurant called Duong Restaurant, which address is 27 Ngo Huyen, located just within 3-minutes-walk from St Joseph Cathedral, so you might want to ask the taxi driver (or grab driver, which I preferred better for a flat rate) to stop you at the St. Joseph Cathedral, take a few photos or selfie, before you go to the restaurant for lunch. And they are launching their 3rdrestaurant in Ho Chi Minh by the end of this year.


The place opens everyday 11AM – 10PM, during both weekdays and weekend. The sites suggest you to make a reservation before coming down to this place because it might be crowded, but I don’t think that it is necessary. I came down by 11AM and spent like almost 60 minutes here, and no one comes in besides me. I don’t know whether they are not so famous around this area, or it’s just that I came down at the wrong time. LOLZ


The owner is a chef named Hoang Duong, who has been included in the cooking show in Vietnam, such as Ironchef Vietnam and Top Chef Vietnam. Though he didn’t win the competition, but he managed to get himself a 4thplace during the competition, which I personally think it should be enough for venturing his own restaurant business. If only I can do a great job in cooking, I might want to start a restaurant of my own as well. T-T


They sell quite a wide range of Vietnamese fusion food here. Mostly seafood, with some pork and beef menus. But since most of the seafood menu includes ‘fish’ and I’m not a big fan of fish, so I tried out their grilled pork menu for 180.000 VND. The seafood menu differs from 250.000 – 360.000 VND depends on what type of seafood you’d like to have and they also sell a lunch set for 380.000 VND includes appetizer, drinks, main menu and dessert, which I think quite economic for those who want to try out lots of menu here.

At first they serve me with their appetizer (which is free by the way), which is spring roll, fish cracker and watermelon mix with lemon juice, taste incredibly amazing.

spring roll – fish cracker – watermelon n lemon

Please note that Hanoi has been controlled under French colonization sometimes ago, so some of the restaurant here serve food really slowly, and this restaurant is one of them. Like 20 minutes after I finish my appetizer, at last my pork grill came out.

Grilled Pork – Bun Cha

I wasn’t expecting grilled pork being dipped into a clear soup that taste a little bit sour, served with vermicelli and vegetables (they called it ‘herbs’ LOLZ). But once you dipped your vermicelli and veggies into the soup and take a bite of the pork meat, you will instantly fall in love with the food. And, another plus point is the waitress here is super attentive, they will keep coming back and forth asking whether you need an additional vermicelli or ‘herbs’ (yes for free!) during your meal. I had more than enough, so I choose not to take the additional vermicelli or veggies they offer me.

Having to try out the Vietnamese fusion dish in this restaurant, makes me have a new perspective in Vietnamese food. The pork was perfectly grilled, you still can smell the flames which makes it taste more delicious. The soup taste weird at first, but as you consume it more and more, you’ll find it quite addictive. They served some of the veggies that I don’t like, but with the dip on the soup, I eat every last pieces of the veggies served in front of me.


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