A Noodle Story

If you have been following me through my previous blogs, then you’ll know that what I love the most in this universe is having good food. During my last short stay in Singapore, I’ve been trying several food here and there, and happen to try out a noodle stall located in a hawker center just next to Telok Ayer Park. The noodle stall here is being awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand.
The stall is call “A Noodle Story”, with the address of 7 Maxwell Road, 01-39 (first floor stall number 39, just in case you’re not familiar with Singapore hawker center system of writing the stall address), Singapore 069111
The stall opens 11.15AM – 2PM and 5.30PM – 7.30PM during weekdays. Opens from 10.30AM – 01.30PM on Saturday, and closes the whole day on Sunday. But since the owner of the stall determine to maintain the quality of his noodle by selling only 200 bowls per day, they might closed before the closing time, once they are out of stock. So better go early just to make sure that you’ll get to try their dish.
The stall is owned by Gwern Khoo and Ben Tham who have several experiences here and there. The stall owner is quite grumpy (at least not to the customer, but to his staff), during my visit over there, and makes the staff quite groggy and therefore didn’t really treat you all that nice. But well, who cares if the food is good, right?
So, basically the stall has only just one menu, Yes, one! It’s the noodle style which is being invented by the stall owners themselves, which reminds me of the combination between Hongkong Wanton Noodle, with slightly Japanese style and Ipoh style Prawn Flakes Noodle. They sold it in 3 sizes, I’m not that big eater, so I ordered the small one for 8 dollar. The noodles come with onsen style boiled egg, fried prawn surrounds by the potato (which is really good), freshly chopped scallions and wanton. You can order an add ons for the side menu with some additional amount of money ranging from 1.5 SGD – 4.00 SGD depends on what you would like to have.
A Noodle Story
A noodle story~
Though the place is rather hard to find (note that the google map doesn’t pin poin the correct location of this place in their apps), but I’m really glad that I didn’t give up and insisted on finding the place, since the noodle was sooo good. I’m not that of a noodle person, since I prefer Kwee Tiauw or Bee Hoon, but this noodle can be categorized as one of the best that I’ve tried. And I would give it a plus point, since it is unique, mixing all kind of styles into one bowl, but still be able to create a really wonderful mixture of the taste.
The price might be slightly a little bit pricy for a bowl of noodle inside a hawker center, which normally cost around 4-5 SGD, but it really worth a try. I never came during lunch time, so I don’t know how crowded it could be. I came during their PM time, and arrived at the place around 17.40ish, and there’s only one person ahead of me, so the queue is okay.
Have you tried any noodle which is so unforgottable?

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