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  • Hiro Keki~! Best Pancake in Bangkok~

    I’ve been falling in love with souffle pancake since I tried one of the best pancake in my life in Hong Kong. And whenever I see a pancake which looks kind of similar, I would always go and have a… Read More ›

  • Easy LCHF Recipe : Fried Pork Spare Ribs

    It’s been a while since I update a post on LCHF Recipe, because I’ve been busy doing trial and error cooking on how to make this one~! I’m a big, huge, enormous fan of pork spare ribs (PS : Basically… Read More ›

  • Featherstone Cafe in Ekkamai

    After getting used to loud Bangkok, I started to miss coffee shops and quiet bistros which can easily being found in Jakarta. So, this time after having lunch with a bunch of friends, we decided to go for a second… Read More ›

  • A hideous monster called “Individualism”

    Like it or not, the more modernized our world is becoming, the more the people get more egocentric and become more and more individualized. If like in late 90s you still can see people chit chatting with one another on… Read More ›

  • Easy LCHF Recipe : Mini Pork Patty

    Another easy recipe to make~! I’ve been having grilled things straight for a few days, before deciding to change my menu a little bit, or else I’ll feel sick eating the same menu all over again. I was actually going… Read More ›

  • Late Night Craving like Locals in Bangkok

    If you’re tired of touristy restaurant and food in Bangkok, then maybe you want to try out this place and satisfy your late night cravings like locals. Saengchai Pochana is one of the local restaurant which is famous and open… Read More ›